Apply It!

Principal Point of Faith #3:
The Nature of Man

Apply It! — about Our Mortal Nature

1. Why do you think God made us mortal?

2. If he had made us with an immortal spirit, what huge problem would He have?

3. If we have an immortal soul, what is the purpose of the resurrection?

4a. If we have an immortal soul, where are we destined for?

4b. When are we judged if we have an immortal soul? Why?

5. If my “soul” is the same as that of a dog or a cat, what should I believe about it?

6. Just about every civilization—Indians, Chinese, Incas, Greeks, etc.—has believed they have a soul that survives after the body dies. What does that prove about it?

7. Why were many people who believed they had an immortal soul concerned about baptizing babies very soon after they were born?

8. What is a Key Point of this section for me to apply?