Worship Services online in Compliance for COVID-19 Containment

To all our Church Family and Friends:

Not only is it reasonable, respectful and the right thing to do, it is our Christian duty to comply with all local, state and federal laws as long as compliance with those laws does not cause us to violate God’s laws.

As of April 5, because we are still unable to assemble, in compliance with state and federal mandates for our–and everyone’s–safety, we have restructured our Sunday worship services as a local “online” broadcast. The services are a combination of live speaking and archived music. Each service will be recorded and uploaded to our website as time (and technology) permit. Go to megiddo.com and click on the burst at the top of the page to see the services available.

Sister Ruth and Brother Gerald are locally broadcasting our daily Morning Prayer services, our Thursday evening church services, and our weekly Bible Study from our Assembly Room. Saturday evening service will be a similar broadcast.

Looking ahead, we are considering various options for continuing our ministry and mission during this difficult time when normal assembly is restricted. We will update our post when we have new information.