Gives Meaning to the Present

Bible Prophecy Gives Meaning to the Present

Bible prophecy gives us a way to understand the present. When we see worldwide fear and anxiety, we can turn to the Word of God and read where Jesus predicted this very condition would exist just prior to His second advent.

Did not Paul prophesy that the last days would be filled with peril? Did he not say that men would be “unholy…haters of the good” (2 Tim. 3 NIV)? Witness the decline in reverence for things sacred. When the First Congregational Church of Hampton, NH, looked into its 339 years of history, they learned that every service used to begin with a fanfare, then a solemn procession in which the Bible was carried into the sanctuary, followed by the minister and the deacons, all of whom had sworn to defend it. Such a procession today would likely be a cause for scorn, not reverence.

Add the prophecies of the unrest and universal fear among the nations, the failed attempts at peace, the rise of violence and savagery, the plummeting of morals and the acceptance of homosexuality (now widespread), reckless, self-centered pleasure craze (gambling, highway rage, binge drinking, the uncontrolled use of illicit drugs, and don’t we have a fairly accurate picture of our world today?

All this tells us that we are living in the time when Jesus will return. It does not tell us when, for Jesus said clearly that no one knows the time when He will return.