A New Approach to Education

Millennium Superworld

Chapter 7: Millennial Education

The change in orientation will be perhaps the greatest single change in the system. For centuries, the human race has viewed the universe and God Himself from a faulty human perspective. As a result, generation after generation has been trained in a false approach to knowledge, and the race has developed, as a result, a misguided set of values and a serious misorientation of purpose. (Do we wonder that the existing institutions will not be qualified to teach under the new government?)

What about those who object, who prefer the old ways to the new? Again, it will not be an option open to individual preference. All will have to go along with the new government or die.

A certain contemporary scientist illustrates the case in point. He was said to have proved to his own satisfaction that evolution is not the right solution to the origin of the universe and life. He was willing to acknowledge the evidence but would not change his teaching. “All my life,” he said, “has bee n devoted to science and philosophy as based on evolution. I am continually in contact with scientists; I have absorbed that atmosphere completely, and I am utterly unable to disbelieve it, even though you disprove it.” Such is the obstinacy of human nature. But such will find no sympathy in the millennium schools. All will have to adopt the new patterns of thinking, submit to the new administration, or be removed.

Does this sound like dictatorship? Indeed, but it will be just, and for the good of all. It will be the fastest road to progress.

The millenarians will be eager, willing, happy pupils. The prophet Micah describes them, and what they will do and say. “People shall come streaming to it, and many nations shall come and say, ‘Come, let us climb up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob, that he may teach us his ways and we may walk in his paths.’ For instruction issues from Zion, and out of Jerusalem comes the word of the Lord” (Mic. 4:2, NEB).