New Curriculum

Millennium Superworld

Chapter 7: Millennial Education

What programs of study will be available under the new system? What subjects will be taught?

Education will be divided into levels. The first level will be education in the basics. The Basic courses will be required for all mortals, and all generations, though we can imagine that with time they will be greatly simplified, as the old era sinks into the forgotten past. Basic I will be fundamentals in understanding and knowing God, the creation and the universe. This program will include basic instruction in the plan of God, His revelations, and His purposes.

Next in required curriculum will be Basic II, which will be training in the fundamentals of character development, a program consisting of two D’s: decision and duty. Each person will be taught his or her proper role under the new government, and will be asked to make a personal decision and commitment to its authority. Each will have to decide whether he or she will obey and live, or disobey and die. A willing and ready obedience will be the opening of the door to the prospect of more—and eternal—blessings.

Basic III will be training in everyday disciplines. Never will the human race, so long as it is mortal, outgrow its need for self-discipline, mental discipline, moral discipline. The millenarians cannot learn too quickly that they are not living only to enjoy themselves, that they are not here to gratify every whim. Like their predecessors, they must be tried, and exert their own moral muscles to become strong. Everyday life will provide the opportunities they need. They will have to learn also to master themselves in every particular, to realize that they are not helpless puppets in the hands of fate, or victims of their environment; that they are responsible individuals, chosen by God, and must live responsibly in His presence.

Basic IV will be training in personal responsibility. Everyone must learn responsibility to one’s self, one’s superiors, one’s government, and one’s God. Each will learn also the delight of duty, in relation to the magnificent reward God is offering for a life of faithful service. The training course will not be easy, but once it has been completed, the generation emerging in the new environment will have new goals, new disciplines, and a thorough understanding of the plan of God.

The result? A tremendous, sweeping change in the world picture. With no immorality or vice on screen, stage, or street, in the newspaper or anywhere else in the whole world, can we imagine how different will be the atmosphere? Can we imagine how rapid will be the moral growth and development of this new family which the Lord is blessing?