New Objectives in Education

Millennium Superworld

Chapter 7: Millennial Education

Isn’t one of the goals of education to teach people to think for themselves, to be individualists, to adhere to their own persuasions and judge for themselves what is right or wrong? Such is the policy now, but the millennium will be different.

The difference will be in the philosophy and the authority underlying the whole educational structure. The millennial system will not be a program teaching men and women to seek solutions to problems by their own initiative and limited resources; rather, it will provide solutions that have been proven, along with instruction in how these solutions may be implemented. The very best resources at hand will be utilized, and those resources will not be limited by the achievements of mortal men and women. All the resources of the immortals—the angels of God—will be opened to them.

In short, the new administration will be presenting the answers, not groping for them, and no problem will be insurmountable or out of control. Jesus has not spent twenty centuries at the Father’s right hand doing nothing; He will return as an expert in world government, and in world solutions to world problems. He will know what He is doing, and where His administration is headed.