Secondary Education

Millennium Superworld

Chapter 7: Millennial Education

As the millennium students advance, the challenges open to them will be unprecedented in scope. diverse areas of specialty will be available.

The new world will need people trained in the newest and best methods of horticulture, food service, food processing and distribution; in economics, in information handling, in all levels of administration; in landscape and gardening, plus all the constructive, mechanical and operational techniques of life.

There will be courses in the Social Sciences, studying the foundations, systems, and goals of the millennial society. For those wanting to lead in social reconstruction, there will be studies in Human Relationships, with emphasis on culture, institutions, collective and individual behaviors, social control and social change.

For those who enjoy far-reaching challenges, there will be courses in Global Interdependence, studying the on-going plan of God and what aspects of life must be redirected to utilize new interplanetary systems of communications and travel.

For those intrigued by beauty, there will be courses in the Photo Sciences, light and color, all concentrating on the glory of the Creator and the wonders of His creation. There will also be studies in new applications for optics, light, refraction and reflection. These will disclose knowledge of which the present generation has only scratched the surface.

For those interested in turning their talents to beautifying the vast waste places of the earth and transforming them into a worldwide Eden of delight, there will be careers in Landscape Design and New World Horticulture.

The field of Music will be wide open, led by able instructors from other worlds who have had centuries of experience in composing, directing, and producing the music of the spheres. Millennium music appreciation classes will survey the types of music already heard on earth, along with musical forms and new instruments of music. There will be career openings in the design and development of new modes of music, based on music programs and patterns from other worlds. classes in the history of music will include comparative samplings, so that the productions of Gabriel’s band may be related to those of other angels, and so the student may hear sample recordings from the past—David’s choir, Solomon’s temple choir, the singing of the returned captives in the rebuilt temple, and other outstanding periods of the past. Also included in the study will be the role of music in sustaining and encouraging loyal servants of God in the various stages of their careers. One can scarcely imagine the wonder, beauty, and glory of exultant praise to which the millennial student of music will be exposed.

For those wishing to major in Mechanics, there will be courses in drafting and design, manufacturing and technical mechanics. The tools employed will not be limited to those of yesteryear. God is a God of progress, and the millennium will be a time for great progress, far beyond anything we can imagine. The basics of the science will be there, but its applications will be greatly expanded.

For those having interest in the field of Human Services, there will be agencies for all levels of human need. Field work in human services will focus on skill development to a level heretofore undreamed of. at the onset of the Millennium there will be problems of communication with people from varied backgrounds who are seeking the knowledge of God. Students will learn to solve these, creating one strong united nation under God. There will be discussions of boundaries, role definitions, and professional relationships. There will be instruction in developing skills of observing, listening, recording, and reciting. And as always there will be courses in the basic skills of problem solving, all with a view to changing human nature from the animal level to the Divine.

Will millenarians want to learn about the History of their planet? There will be teachers equipped for the task. They will be angels who have seen it from the beginning, who had a firsthand in its development. Doubtless the courses will be accompanied with recorded video-like presentations, so that the students can see the earth being formed, the mountains rising, the seas shifting, and whatever cataclysmic changes took place in the remote past. Then there will be the near history, of the human race and its development. Students will be shown angel recordings of the prominent characters in real life, and feel what it was like in former times. Why such education? So that the wonders of the present (millennial) age can be appreciated. There will also be need to prepare millenarians to help students from other worlds who may come to earth for instruction in the future.

Those wanting advanced training in Communications Systems, Interplanetary Communications, and Inter-galaxy Communications will find a broad field in which to employ their talents. Following an introductory course presented by the angels, there will be courses in the effective use of words, sound, color and light, both as they may be employed on the earth and between earth and other worlds. For when earth is annexed to heaven, its communications must be able to link with those of other worlds. There will also be courses in the development of new world communications, as well as the proper use of the techniques of imagery and sound production. With the old regime forever out of sight and the bad associations of television and video removed, the new emphasis will be Christ-centered, Kingdom-oriented, God-honoring.

Perhaps one of the most attractive areas of study will be the Fine Arts, where students will learn to express themselves and their appreciations in such visual forms as architecture, painting, sculpture, print making, and design, as it has affected civilizations in the past and as it will be appreciated and developed in the future. Field trips to all parts of the earth will be a necessary part of this course of study, and advanced sections may require field trips to other worlds as well. Related subjects of study will include the humanities and the heavenlies.

Another crucial area of study open to millennium subjects will be that of New World Ethics. This course will be universally required for all students whatever their major, and will promote and encourage correct thinking upon basic ethical issues, as taught by the angels and reinforced by Christ and His saints. Its principles will affect all government, all business, all recreation, and all interpersonal relationships. But proper ethics will not be left to the random judgments of uninstructed mortals. All issues will be clearly defined and dictated from the head office of the new government. No area will be left open to human opinion or human judgment.

Another area with almost limitless possibilities will be that of Information Management. Does the world today boast about its information explosion? The knowledge available to millenarians will be increased exponentially!

And what about the quality of the data? In this age, much is without refinement, without taste, without direction, without God. Information in the new world, like ethics, will be closely monitored and controlled, so that nothing is released or circulated that is untrue or in any way detrimental to the health and spiritual well-being of the people. Millenarians will not have to be concerned about selecting according to content, which in former times ranged all the way from the sublime to the obscene. They will be able to select based solely on interest, because all that is available will be useful, upbuilding, edifying, and clean. It is the only route to a pure and holy society, and a new world filled with the glory of God.

Another lively area of study will be that of life itself, and all living things. Included will be how to make the best and the most of any creation, all under the direction of immortals, who have worked in the design and advancement of the life processes. Life will be studied not as an endless cycle of birth, maturity, decay and death but rather in a straight line of ascent from birth to maturity, to higher and yet infinitely higher levels of development appreciation.

For the first time in the history of the earth will knowledge be available of the true secrets of life, and the origin of the race. For centuries eager earthborns have searched for the answers to these mysteries, only to gather a few tantalizing bits and pieces, while remaining totally ignorant of the real facts. No millennium mortal need find the field of education monotonous or lacking in challenge.