The New System of Education

Millennium Superworld

Chapter 7: Millennial Education

Our world today, despite modern programs of education, still has millions of illiterates. But the illiterates will not be the only persons needing education during the millennium. Even the highly educated will find themselves ill prepared for life in the new world without a period of serious study and training.

An area of special interest, especially in the early days of the Millennium, will be knowledge of coming events and the general purpose and direction of the new authorities. One can easily imagine that while the new government is being set up, little will be known about coming events. Also in demand will be knowledge of what is required to live under the new government, and how the new government will function.

The first focus of millennial education, we can imagine, will be on procuring teachers for the new system. the existing institutions and their faculties will be ill-qualified to teach the new curriculum, the new goals, the new disciplines, the new courses, and the new—required—way of life.