Millennial Questionnaire

Millennium Superworld

Wouldn’t it be enrapturing to be able to sit down with our future King and ask Him all about the New Age? How many questions we have!

Wherever Jesus went He was teaching. Sometimes His words fell on deaf ears; sometimes they awakened a definite response. “Did not our heart burn within us, while He talked with us by the way?” said two of His pupils one day after Jesus had opened to them the Scriptures
(Luke 24:32).

It is a principle of long standing: “Ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart” (Jer. 29:13).

What are some of the questions we would like to ask about immortal life? What would we like to know?

Let’s imagine that Jesus is within asking distance, and let us speculate what He might answer, on the basis of what is revealed in the Bible.

Question: What will our bodies be like when changed? What will we look like? Will we be completely different?

Answer: Everything that can hurt, harm, or cause suffering will be gone (Isa. 11:9). So you yourself will be changed. You will become a material substance that is incorruptible, for “flesh and blood” as you know it will not be permitted in My Kingdom (1 Cor. 15:50-51). You will be changed into a substance superior to flesh and blood; your body will be fashioned like My body now is (Phil. 3:20-21). You will still be you, but you will be a much better “you,” a glorified, immortal, incorruptible “you.”

Question: Will we be recognizable to our friends?

Answer: Yes, you will see and know each other as you are known (1 Cor. 13:12). You have read the account of the Transfiguration as Matthew recorded it, how that Peter instantly recognized Me, even though there was a supernatural glow, a heavenly radiance emanating from My transfigured Being. All the glorified saints will be like this. That is the promise, “You will be like Me” (1 John 3:2). The righteous will “shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father” (Matt. 13:43).

Question: Will we be recognized by old marks or features peculiar to us like scars and deformities, or will all immortals look generally alike?

Answer: In the process of the change from mortality to immortality, all physical flaws will be erased. I will have only perfect beings in My Kingdom. No need to worry about marks from aging or physical imperfections or birth defects, or scars from injury or sickness. These are only temporary.

When glorified, you will be created in the image of God physically—that means you will be perfected into a new state that will endure forever.

Each of you will be a perfect and unique individual in the family of God. You will not all look alike. Variety in all God’s creation is beyond human fathoming. Every snowflake is different, every fingerprint, every person, even in the mortal realm. God has no duplicates, no redundancies, and He will have none in His perfected work. If you are there, there will be but one you.

Have no fear. When God’s work with you is finished, you will be perfect. God will have no imperfect or flawed beings in His finished creation. Each immortal saint will be strikingly beautiful and perfect.

Question: What kind of clothes will we be wearing during the Millennium?

Answer: The saints will be easily distinguishable from the non-glorified Millennial people, by their clothing as well as by their bodies. The shining white of the saints will be their distinctive privilege. “White” is representative of purity, and the “shining” is the immortal glow. Immortals will be clean and spotless in character.

But do not imagine a world all white and without color. Immortal eyes can see a much broader spectrum of color than can be seen by mortals. There will be color everywhere—mixed and blended to immortal taste.

Question: Will we be able to see the angels?

Answer: Yes, you will see the angels. Angels will be on the scene assisting at every level. Angels will come with Me when I return, myriads of them (Matt. 16:27, Dan. 7:10). Many are already invited and are eagerly looking forward to the event. Others are already on your planet, around you even now, but in your present state your eyes are holden and you cannot see them. But your vision when glorified will be changed and you will be able to see far more than you can now imagine.

There have been times in the past when mortals were allowed to see angels. I myself saw angels several times when I was mortal. In your age there have been no open visions, no openly visible manifestations of Divine power. But mortals living during the Millennium will delight in seeing their angel-teachers, angel-helpers and angel-guardians (Isa. 30:20). If you are immortal then, you will be physically like the angels—you will have been changed to the incorruptible state, made equal to them (Luke 20:35-36).

Question: Will everyone be the same age in the Millennium?

Answer: No. Among the mortal citizens will be great differences in age. Some will be living who were born before the Millennium began, before My return; they will be people who submitted to the New Order and gave it their active support, and so will be permitted to live in the Millennium. Then there will be people, billions of people, born during the Millennium, especially during the early years when the population of the world will be multiplying rapidly. These mortals will be very much like mortals you know, only they will all enjoy excellent health and a much longer life-span (Isa. 65:19-22; 33:24). In the absence of sickness and degeneracy, aging will not affect people as it does now. The old and the young will be able to enjoy life together. Life in the Millennium will depend much more on one’s moral character than on one’s physical advantages, for all will enjoy physical well-being; those who sin openly will not be permitted to live at all.

This new state of mortal life should not seem too strange to you if you recall what the Almighty did centuries ago. During the forty-year trek of the Israelites in the wilderness, He caused their clothing and even their shoes never to wear out. This is an example of God’s ability to control deterioration. Surely He can do for living bodies what He did for inanimate shoes!

The built-in capacity of the human body to replace itself is utterly fascinating. This automatic cellular replacement which operates even now in your bodies to keep them self-repaired will be perfected in the mortal bodies of the millenarians, so that a nine-hundred-year-old will still be able to enjoy life and glowing health.

But My glorified family will enjoy perpetual youth and vigor, with no fear of sickness, aging or death (Isa. 40:31). And they will be able to use it all, for in the ages beyond the Millennium there will be countless worlds to visit and a limitless “forever” in which to explore and enjoy!

Question: This may seem like a strange question, but this world is so noisy. I wonder what sounds will be heard in the Millennium.

Answer: Your world now is filled with many raucous, distressing, grating sounds. Noisy motorcycles, blaring horns, screeching tires, screaming jets will also be things of the past. Screams, arguments and sounds of gunshot and firearms are also sounds that will never be heard in My Kingdom. When you hear sound in the Millennium, it will be pleasing harmony and melody that will transcend the finest melody you have ever heard. All around will be joy and tranquillity (Isa. 32:17-18). There will be nothing to offend, nothing to hurt, destroy, or disturb (Isa. 11:9; Mic. 4:4).

Question: Do immortals enjoy warm and loving friendships?

Answer: Can you imagine a God of love having His children unloving to each other? Glorified beings are never cold or unloving. Where there is no jealousy, or hatred, or ill feelings, every grace of goodness abounds. Among them is love and affection such as mortals have never known. Among the glorified, all emotions are pure, holy and heavenly. The association between one person and another, whether man or woman, will be as pure and wholesome and happy as only the angels can describe to you. Those who have been Christian companions during your present lives will be especially close in the new world. Be assured, there will be “fullness of joy” and “pleasures for evermore” (Ps. 16:11).

Question: Will glorified beings living among the mortal populace present any problem?

Answer: There will be no problem. Glorified saints, having been changed to the perfect, immortal state, will be like My heavenly Father, who cannot be tempted with evil (Jas. 1:13). Living among mortals who are subject to sin will present no problem. And mortals, who will then be experiencing the challenges of struggle and achievement, will not be hindered by the immortals around them. Rather, the immortals will be able to offer invaluable guidance, direction and support, along with firm and stable government. The Millennial society will be ideal.

Question: I understand there will be differences in rewards among those who will be made immortal when You return. I suppose the highest rewards will go to the great Bible heroes of the past. What will be given to “ordinary” Christians?

Answer: There will be differences in the rewards dispensed, because the Father’s righteous policy has always been to reward each according to his works (Rev. 22:12; Jer. 17:10; Rom. 2:6-7). But no man or woman who attains to perfection of character can be called “ordinary.” All are extraordinary, worthy of special blessing and honor, and all will receive eternal life (Rom. 2:7)—which is no ordinary reward. Some will receive more honor than others; some will have larger cups to fill than others. But all cups will be filled and overflowing with blessing and happiness. There will be fullness of joy for all.

Since the reward of each will depend on each person’s spiritual performance in this present life, there will be some surprises. Some whom you might judge barely noticeable may be found near the front in the reward line. One may have served quietly and faithfully for years even when stricken with pain and forced into inactivity.

Others may be singled out for heavenly acclaim who have allowed the Word of God to work within them and develop in them a fragrant and beautiful character during an earthly life beset with all kinds of adversities. Some may have labored with faith aglow through many years, though linked to an unbelieving and abusive mate. Others may have had to labor alone.

Heroes will be discovered among all walks of life. Many who never knew acclaim will be highly honored for their faithfulness in small things (Matt. 25:21).

CROWNING DAY will be joyous for all the winners, and its echoes will ring throughout Eternity!