Is God Responsible for Birth Defects and Deformities?


Do you believe that God created or made everyone? We see people, especially children, born with so many birth defects, and I wonder how God could give such children.


God is responsible for the laws that govern the earth and all life upon it. But He is not directly responsible for the existence of each of us. God designed and set in operation the laws whereby life is sustained and perpetuated. But he also gave to the human race an intelligence capability by which they could discern how to properly use those laws. If they choose to abuse them, they must suffer the consequences.

When people disregard the basic laws of health and life, there are bound to be consequences. Many of those consequences we see today in children born with birth defects, deformed, diseased, etc.

Many times these defects are the result of misbehaving parents. However, there are no doubt many cases where they are also the result of time and chance. God did not design this creation to be perfect. He does not guarantee to every human being a specified number of years or a perfect physical condition. This period is a probation time, a period during which God is selecting those who will be part of His eternal order, those who will inherit the earth forever. He gives this life as an opportunity in which to prepare for that eternal existence, along with the mental and physical equipment one needs. Each can choose to live as he pleases, or to follow the Book in which God has laid out His instructions, the Bible.

Very soon Christ will return to set up a universal kingdom of righteousness and peace, and that order, when complete, will be perfect. In it will be no children born with defects. In fact, there will be nothing to hurt or destroy, no disease, no sickness, and no death (Rev. 21:3-4; Isa. 65:17-18).