When Does God Overrule “Time and Chance”?

“I…saw under the sun that the race is not to the swift,nor the battle to the strong … buttime and chance happen to them all” Eccl. 9:11 The observations of the teacher in Ecclesiastes brought him to this conclusion, and we too observe “time and chance” as the normal course of life. The fact has … [Read more…]

As You Age…Grow In Wisdom

“Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we maygrow in wisdom” (Psalm 90:12 NLT). I have been thinking so much lately about the swiftness of passing time. However we look at it, we don’t have much time left to finish preparing for the return of Elijah and Jesus Christ, our coming King … [Read more…]

God Is Opening Doors of HOPE!

Look in the Scriptures! In a world torn with war, crime and bloodshed—and now with the coronavirus—we have glorious doors of HOPE, doors through which we can glimpse a new world resplendent in beauty, where peace reigns supreme, joys overflow, and happiness crowns the lives of those blessed sons and daughters of God. Have we … [Read more…]

Blessed Counting

Ten Thousand and One…and Still Counting I am continually impressed with the need to count—and re-count—the blessings we enjoy every day. Have you tried it? If you have, you are like me… still counting. Think about the most common blessings—the water we drink, the air we breathe, and flowers and trees all around us as … [Read more…]

Give Me That Mountain

At the beginning of our life we do not have the right to ask for anything because we have not earned anything. But God gives us our lifetime to prove our worth, and in return He promises us a share in rewards far beyond anything that we may imagine. How is this possible? When we … [Read more…]

Are You Thankful in ALL Things?

To many Americans, Thanksgiving is a big turkey with dressing, cranberry sauce and other side dishes. It is a time of leisure, dining and entertainment with family and friends who spend the afternoon and evening in front of the TV, engrossed in a football game or Macy’s parade, concluding with fun and games and a … [Read more…]

Faith Of Our Fathers

When we sing this hymn, what do we mean by “faith”? It isn’t just any faith we sing about, it is the faith of our fathers in the faith, those faithful men of old who were faith-filled servants of God. Webster’s dictionary defines faith as “belief and trust in and loyalty to God; belief in … [Read more…]

Reaching for the Stars

The human race has come a long way since observers of the cosmos concluded that the earth orbits around the sun and not the sun around the earth. Having put the best and brightest minds to work to develop the technology to get men into orbit around the earth, the moon was the next logical … [Read more…]

Time Flies!

Can I “Redeem” It? How time flies! We all know that feeling, though we may perceive time differently at different times. To the young child anticipating a special event, time seems to drag. But for an adult preparing for that same event, time flies faster as the day nears. Teenagers can hardly wait to be … [Read more…]