Why Did Jesus Curse the Fig Tree?

Question: I have a question I would like to have answered: Why did Jesus curse the fig tree when it wasn’t the season for the tree to bear fruit? (Mark 11:13-14). Answer: Jesus, living in an area where fig trees were common, was aware of the nature of fig trees. Figs set fruit before coming … [Read more…]

Why Did the Jews Reject Christ?

Question: I’ve wondered why the Jews had such hatred for the new doctrine of Christianity. They treated Paul (one of their own) terribly. Answer: The Jews, though looking for the long-promised Messiah, refused to accept Him when He came. Probably the most obvious reason for their rejecting Christ was that they were looking for a … [Read more…]

What did Jesus Mean When He Said “Ye Shall Not Have Gone Over the Cities of Israel, till the Son of Man be Come”?

Answer: The passage you cite is from Jesus’ commission to His twelve disciples (Matthew 10:23), when He sent them out to preach. In this commission He told them where to go, and what they could expect. Among the expectations was a warning of the persecution they would encounter, and in verse 23 a projection of … [Read more…]

Do You Believe that Christ Obtained Immortality?

Answer: Yes, definitely. In fact, Christ is the only one of our race who has received immortality at the present time. We read that He is “the King of Kings and Lord of lords, who alone has immortality” (1 Tim. 6:15-16). We would also like to point out that Jesus did indeed obtain immortality, He … [Read more…]