Are Jesus Christ and Melchizedek the same entity?

Question: Please, I have a question I would like you to help me with. Are Melchizedek and Jesus Christ our Lord the same or different entities? Answer: Jesus Christ is not Melchizedek. Melchizedek is described in the Bible as: “king of Salem and priest of God Most High. He met Abraham returning from the defeat … [Read more…]

Is Jesus Christ or the Creator God our Savior?

Question: Regarding our strong faith in our great Creator, I have a second thought on the text, “beside him there is no saviour” (Isa. 43:11). This text provokes much controversy, in view of the fact that God’s Son is also called “our Saviour.” Realizing that there is more to this subject than appears on the … [Read more…]

Is Jesus the Messiah?

Question: Christianity has always tried to prove that Jesus was the Messiah. However, the Messiah comes in “the last days” – not 2,000 years go. The Messiah really has many titles, including “Elijah” and the “herald of God” who was promised to come in “the last days.” Elijah is the herald of God, not of … [Read more…]

Is the voice of Wisdom the Voice of Jesus Christ?

Question: You say that in Proverbs 8 the voice of wisdom is speaking, but you missed the real point, because that voice of wisdom is Jesus Christ. Answer: Proverbs 8 is written as giving a human voice to the wisdom of God. The effect is that of a person speaking. “Does not wisdom cry out, … [Read more…]