What the Bible Means to You

There is no question more important. What do you believe about the Bible? Is it “just another book” or is it the inspired Word of God our Creator? (The word “inspired” means literally “God-breathed,” as coming from God’s mouth. We will have more about this later.)

What you believe about the Bible affects everything—yes, everything—in your life. Everything in your life depends on your attitude toward the Bible.

If you believe the Bible is the holy, inspired Word of God, then you must let it tell you how to live, what to do, what to think about, what to believe. After all, who knows better than your Creator what He wants you to be and do?

If you think the Bible is “just another book,” you will soon leave the Bible to go on to another book, and another. The result? You will believe men’s opinions equally with what you read in God’s Word.

What is your decision? If you let the Bible be Scripture for you, then it becomes extremely important to study it, to learn it, and live by what it says.

It will make an eternal difference in your life!