Let’s Get Started!

In this series we will take one basic Bible subject at a time, in the form of questions and answers. Try to understand each question and answer, and become familiar with the Bible verses that are part of each answer. Memorize as many of the Bible texts as you can—it will help you in the … [Read more…]

Why Study the Bible?

The only way to live as God wants us to live now so as to qualify for a place in His coming Kingdom is to learn what He has written for us in the Bible. We want to study: To know what we believe. Jesus said, “Search the Scriptures” (John 5:39). The apostle Paul said, … [Read more…]

Jesus Knew the Scriptures

For Jesus, the Old Testament was the Scriptures. He knew the Scriptures. He memorized Scripture. He had key passages in His mind for instant recall. He used Scripture to: 1. Answer those who challenged Him 2. Resist temptation 3. Teach others— He frequently quoted from the Old Testament 4. Explain His actions to others 5. … [Read more…]

What the Bible Means to You

There is no question more important. What do you believe about the Bible? Is it “just another book” or is it the inspired Word of God our Creator? (The word “inspired” means literally “God-breathed,” as coming from God’s mouth. We will have more about this later.) What you believe about the Bible affects everything—yes, everything—in … [Read more…]

The Bible as Scripture

The Bible as Scripture Scripture is any written material considered sacred by the people who read it. Almost every religion has writings they consider sacred. For Christians, the Bible is Scripture because it was written under the direct supervision of God. The Bible reveals who God is, who we are, why we are here, and … [Read more…]