How To’s of Bible Study

A Few “How To’s” about Bible Study

Decide to work at it
Work hard at your Bible study. A few minutes of casual reading when there is nothing else to do will not yield any great wealth of Bible knowledge. Making a big effort is worth it, because eternal life is a BIG prize. Be prepared to spend at least half an hour a day — every day — reading the Bible and thinking about what you have read, and looking for ways to apply it toward the building of a godly character.

Don’t rush
If you have studied the Bible for a long time, these lessons will be a review of the principles you may already know and practice. If so, there is always something new and fresh to glean from the Word of God.

If Bible study is a new addition to your schedule, set aside daily time to read your Bible lesson and to discuss it with your family.

Set realistic expectations
Do not expect to understand everything you read in a week, a month, or a year. Understanding the Bible takes time, study, commitment, and prayer. That is why Jesus said, “Search the Scriptures.”

Applying it takes even more time, commitment, and prayer. It is not a “six easy lessons” project. But it is the most worthwhile study you can attempt, because no other subject can benefit you both for your life now and for future life as well.