Time to Remodel

During the current pandemic, with the “stay home” rules, home remodeling is everywhere. It is one way to cure cabin fever—and improve the cabin at the same time. It is a time to do some of those jobs that have been waiting almost from “forever” for lack of time.

But even before this, one of the fastest growing segments of the building industry was residential remodeling. If the homeowner likes his present location but the house requires changes to make living quarters more convenient for his lifestyle, he can remodel. The “do-it-yourself” homeowners will plan and complete the renovations themselves. Others not so gifted or able will find a contractor to help.

In a sense, all life-seekers are “do-it-yourself” remodelers. We are attempting to renovate our characters from the old nature to a completely new character worthy of God’s approval. But here if the job gets difficult, we cannot call in a contractor to finish the work. It is strictly a do-it-yourself job.

How much remodeling? In each of us there is the voice of duty and the voice of inclination, both demanding to be heard. What to remove? What to keep? We struggle to decide. Only when we take God’s Word for our instructions is the conflict resolved.

One of the first essentials to any remodeling is a sound roof. Otherwise time and materials will be wasted. If a roof is neglected too long, the whole building is in jeopardy. So it is with our character remodeling. Without a strong and leak-proof covering of faith, our efforts will not succeed.

Each of us must read and study God’s Word to build up our faith. We must seek out the weak areas of doubt and replace them with the evidence God has provided to strengthen our faith. The One who created the universe and upholds it by His Almighty hand is the

sponsor and supporter of our self-renovation. He will never fail or forsake those who are His and can be depended on to provide the materials and the strength necessary to make the renovations. 

One very important phase in our character renovation is replacing all the old windows. We have looked too long through glass that is flawed and only provided a distorted view of our interior. In other words, we need to approach our lives with a clear and honest view of what we really are, to see what needs remodeling.

With the light of God’s Word streaming in through our newly replaced windows we will be able to see the inner partitions we need to renovate—partitions of prejudice, lack of interest or concern, selfishness, or pride. We want to discover any and all those that separate us from God. Isaiah says that our sins are the barrier between us and Him (Isa. 59:1-2).

With new windows, our outlook on life will also change. Every day will provide new opportunities for change. Anger will be replaced by that great peace which nothing can offend (Ps. 119:165). Cruel jealousy (S of S 8:6) will also disappear, because we will be content with what God has given us (1 Tim. 6:6).

This character remodeling is a serious and strenuous business that requires super diligence on our part. But considering what God has set before us (2 Pet. 1:3-4), it is a small price for so great a prize.

After a large residential project is completed, a building inspector is called who will go through the home to check that every phase of the project conforms to the codes governing such work. If everything is in order, he will issue a Certificate of Occupancy, which gives the homeowner the right to reside in the building.

One of these days, our King is coming to inspect the remodeling we have done on our character. He will see if we tried to hide some flaws, or whether everything has been done according to His specifications and the code of conduct required of those aspiring to be a holy temple. If all is well, we will receive the coveted certificate and will be entitled to live not in a house of wood or stone, but will be granted a mansion so grand it is beyond description and the right to dwell on a world made over new.

Let’s work carefully now so we can be approved on Inspection Day and be granted a Certificate of Occupancy to live in the eternal mansion the Master has prepared for us.              –Contributed

We build our lives better when we make long-range plans.

We are not only architects of our fate; we must also be its builders.

Day by day, year after year, as long as we live,
we are building character.

 If we put unsound materials and poor work into the building of character we are cheating ourselves.

Improvement begins with “I”.