On Measuring Time: Should We Observe Abib First?

We know that this observance was a command to the Israelites. Is it a command to us?

We today are not subject to the laws and ordinances imposed upon the “nation of Israel. The law of Moses was taken away, superseded by the greater law of faith” and Christ.

However, could God condemn our remembering a day which He in former times commanded His people to keep? Furthermore, in view of Paul’s command to render “honour to whom honour” is due, can we think for a moment that Christ, the Son of God and our future King is unworthy of our honor? To whom could we owe greater honor than Him who is our Mediator, our Advocate before God, our perfect Example, our future judge and our eternal King!

In observing the first day of Abib as the anniversary of His birth, we remember Him not as an infant but as the King- He was born to be. No other among earthborns ranks so high or means so much to us. No other could be so worthy of our honor.

Honoring Christ is our sacred privilege.

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