Check the Accuracy of Bible Predictions

Check the Accuracy of Bible Predictions

Did Jesus come from the nation and the family that God’s prophets said He would? Yes!

Was the Savior born of a virgin as Isaiah predicted? Yes!

Was He born in Bethlehem as prophesied by Micah? Yes!

Was He of the lineage of David? Yes!

Did He fall into the hands of sinners? Yes! Did they pierce His hands and feet? Yes!

Did they divide His clothes by lot? Yes!

Was He sold for thirty pieces of silver? Yes!

Was He condemned by His own countrymen? Yes!

Was He restored to life after a very short while in the grave-so short that His flesh did not see corruption, just as the prophet David predicted? Yes!

Was He taken up to heaven to His Father’s right hand, again according to the prophecy of David? Yes!

And how about the children of Israel: Were they plucked out of their own land and and taken to Babylon, as the prophet Jeremiah predicted? Yes!

Did they remain a distinctive people even in exile? Yes!

Did they return from exile when the time was right, and live again in their own land? Yes!

Was their city eventually destroyed, and the people subjected to indescribable miseries? Yes!