God Knows—No Guessing!

God Knows–No Guessing!

When God makes a prophecy, He really knows. When He looks ahead, He sees the future as clearly as we can see the past.

In many religious circles, the study of prophecy is neglected—on the assumption that no sure information is available. Truly many false, foolish, and heretical statements have been made about Bible prophecy. But these do not condemn the prophecies, only the erroneous thinking of those who misinterpreted them. The Divine Word still stands.

It may even be said that we today owe more to the teaching of the great prophets than to any other part of the Old Testament.

But by no means is Bible prophecy confined to the Old Testament. It is found in every book of the New Testament as well. The entire Book of Revelation is a Book of Prophecy pertaining to “things” to come.” In other words, events that had not occurred before the Book was written. Some of these are yet future, and, we can be sure they will be fulfilled. Right on schedule.