Answers Questions about Life

Bible Prophecy Answers Our Questions About Life

Nothing sheds light on life like God’s prophecies about the future. Bible prophecy helps to answer life’s questions, questions such as:

Where are the dead?
Who will be resurrected, and when?
What is the future of Planet Earth?
Who shall reign when the Kingdom is established?
Who will appear at the Judgment seat of Christ?
Will the nations be judged?
What will life be like in the Kingdom?

Who will fight the Battle of Armageddon? When? Where?

What about the thousand-year reign of Christ? Who will reign with Him?

All these and hundreds of other questions can be answered by a careful study of Bible prophecy. And when the accuracy of past prophecies is checked—hundreds of prophecies fulfilled just as foretold—we can trust the Bible prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled. Reading Bible prophecies is like reading history in advance… before it happens. The Bible has the answers.

Note: Bible answers to the above questions will be posted at a future date.

But when the Lord God of heaven speaks, we can depend on it. It will happen, and exactly as He has said.