Bible Prophecy Reveals God’s Plans

Each of God’s prophets received special insights into God’s plans for the future, and they have been written down so that those who read the Bible today can have them all, right at their fingertips! Where would we be without this precious resource? Where would we be, but for the recorded messages of God’s spokesmen?

Take, for example, Daniel’s prophecies of the four world kingdoms (fulfilled), and the fifth (the Kingdom of Jesus Christ) that will follow. What if God had not revealed anything about His Second Advent, lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years”-Rev. 20:4‘]the Millennium, the Judgment, the coronation of the new King, and the setting up of a New Government? What if He had told nothing of the success of the Divine takeover or the end of the terrorism, lawlessness, and crime? What if God had chosen to keep all this information secret until it happened?