Does Megiddo Church Support the Pro-life Position?


Our Church supports the laws of life, as God set them in motion and planned that they should be respected. In a world under proper management and a proper moral code, abortion would never be an issue; all life would be treated with respect and not abused. We can be sure that after Christ sets up His Kingdom there will be no abortion necessary or allowed.

But in our world today, where lust and sensuality run wild and animal instincts are not restrained, the situation is very different. A morally corrupt society that has abused the laws of God and the basic laws of life as well cannot function according to God’s law, nor benefit from the freedoms which obedience to those laws brings. No part of the present immoral system is as God intended it to be, and God is not to blame for the suffering that results. God did not intend that children be born to parents that transmit disease to their offspring because of their own licentious and lustful living. Nor did God intend that children be born to those who are not able or willing to care for them. Add to all this the problems caused by drug and alcohol addiction, and we have a situation where abortion may actually save suffering. It is not desirable, it is not right, it is not what God intended, but it is part of the corrupt system under man’s direction.

Much as we abhor the corruption, we do not take sides in any demonstration movement, because many times the demonstrators are guilty of other types of misconduct. “Come out from among them, and be separate, says the Lord, do not touch what is unclean” (2 Cor. 6:17).

Much as we would like to solve the world’s problems, there is little that we can do. We cannot hold back the avalanche of evil. Only Christ can stop the avalanche. All that we can do is to live upright and pure ourselves, in this way getting ready for the New Age which will come with Jesus when He returns.