Is it a Sin Not to Attend Church?

Question: My nephew, his wife and children were going to a certain local church until a new minister came in last year and gave them a hard time about joining the church and getting baptized, etc. To make things worse, money was very tight for them, as he was out of work. So they stopped … [Read more…]

Is it Wrong to Color My Hair?

Question: I cut my hair short and use a rinse on my hair to cover up the gray. Is this wrong? I had my children late in life and turned gray early. I don’t like to embarrass my children by looking like their grandmother. Also, it is depressing to me to see so much gray. … [Read more…]

Is Recreational Hunting Wrong?

Question: Is recreational hunting wrong, especially when it is totally unnecessary for food or clothing? Answer: As servants of Christ, we must be subject to one rule in all that we do, and that rule was stated by the apostle Paul: “Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the … [Read more…]

Should a Christian Sit on a Jury?

Question: My friends tell me that serving on a jury is part of being a good citizen, and I want to be a good citizen. But I wonder, is it lawful for a Christian to sit on a jury? Answer: Though we have no direct instructions in the Word of God, regarding jury duty, several … [Read more…]