Why did God send the flood?


I often wonder about the Lord’s method of destroying those who were disobedient in a flood. It certainly left its mark. Why so extensive an inundation?


It is not our prerogative to know God’s reasons for what He does, or to question His methods of dealing with the problems on this planet. He who knows the end, from the beginning (Isa. 46:10) is certainly capable of acting wisely and in the best interests of all concerned. We must remember His ways and judgment are far superior to and unlike ours. Whole nations are “less than nothing and vanity” before Him (Isa. 40:17).

God does not need humans. However, He always protects those who are obedient to His laws; those who want to take part in His eternal covenant and purpose. (1 Sam. 2: 9-10).

Why so extensive an inundation? Perhaps it was to be a lesson for Noah and his family, and for generations to come. Far be it from us to know the purposes of the Omniscient God!

If we do not trust God to act properly in behalf of His human creation, we are the losers. For regardless, we are part of His creation; we breathe and live entirely by His mercy.