Why was Noah’s family preserved?

Question: At the time of the flood, why was Noah’s family preserved? Is there any evidence that they were righteous? Answer: We are not told that any were righteous except Noah himself. “Noah was a just man, perfect in his generations. Noah walked with God””(Gen. 6:9 also Gen. 7:1). It appears that all others of … [Read more…]

What evidence shows the Genesis flood was not universal?

Answer: Reading the account in Genesis, one might easily conclude that the flood was worldwide. But delving deeper there are many points to take into consideration. Peter the Apostle did not believe the flood was universal. Under the influence of the Holy Spirit (and thus reliably), he writes in his Second Epistle: “[God] did not … [Read more…]

Why did God send the flood?

Question: I often wonder about the Lord’s method of destroying those who were disobedient in a flood. It certainly left its mark. Why so extensive an inundation? Answer: It is not our prerogative to know God’s reasons for what He does, or to question His methods of dealing with the problems on this planet. He … [Read more…]

How was the ark funded, and who did the work?

Question: If Noah spent time as a preacher of righteousness and supervised the construction of the ark, how was the ark funded and who did the work? A vessel of its dimensions would require more man-hours than were available from Noah and his three sons. Answer: Indeed, Noah was a preacher of righteousness as well … [Read more…]