Evolution or Creationism?


I receive the Megiddo Message and have enjoyed it very much and appreciate that it is published “for the dissemination of Bible truth alone.” But when I apply this part of your creed to the article, God’s Spiritual Creation, (June 1991), I am greatly troubled.

First, you speak of fossil records having made it possible for paleontologists “to divide…in series of eras”…and you proceed to indicate those holding to the literal creation account in Genesis “often flatly reject fossil evidence,” etc.

Being a Creationist, I believe very strongly in the fossil records and further believe that such records support this position. From the thousands of fossils found and being found, not one transitional form exists necessary to substantiate the evolutionary theory.

I’m also troubled by the credence given to paleontologists, and your statement that “Homo Sapiens have been on earth many, many thousands of years antedating a mere 6000 years ago.”

So I might continue ad infinitum contrasting the human nature (your article) with the Divine (Bible).’

What really troubles me is how such an excellent Christian publication can advocate evolution—a counterfeit religion with a ‘Triune god,’ Nature, Time and Chance—as a religious faith. Do you really believe there is such a classification as Evolutionary Creationist?


We appreciate your concern about our article on God’s Spiritual Creation, but must say that you have grossly misunderstood us. Please refer, first of all, to the former issue in which we discussed the very point you raise, “Evolution Versus Creationism” (January, 1991, pages 19-23).

We are not proponents of evolution in any of its aspects. But neither do we support the traditional creationism as it is generally understood.

The Fossil Record

We agree strongly with your point that there is no fossil evidence supporting evolutionary theory, there being not one transitional form in existence either in fossilized or living form. Furthermore, evidence is wholly lacking for the theory that life-forms “improve” or “advance” by a method of natural selection, that species grow steadily more complex and their organisms more specialized.

By our giving “credence to the paleontologists,” as you comment, when we speak of the geological ages of the earth, we are merely using their terms as a means of talking about time past; we do not mean to infer that the evolutionary plan of time is correct.

How Old Are Homo Sapiens?

As far as the length of time that Homo Sapiens have been on the earth, we have no direct source of knowledge any more than anyone else, but we see nothing that militates against believing that they have been here many, many thousands of years. The Scripture passages you cite do not assign any time to creation; they state only the fact of the creation, with which we wholeheartedly agree.

A Triune God?

No, we do not advocate any triune god, not even “Nature, Time and Chance.” “Nature” is only a term used by those who wish to deny the existence of God, though in speaking of it they are unwittingly giving credit to the God who directs and oversees everything that exists. If a simple device such as a wrist watch needs a human brain to design and assemble its parts, how much more does the human body, the earth, and the universe need a mind behind it!

Evolutionary Creationist?

Your last question is, “Do you really believe there is such a classification as evolutionary creationist?” The term seems contradictory. The two positions, evolution and creation, are opposite. We stand firmly by what the Bible teaches, this being our only source of knowledge about God, His creation, or His plan for the earth and its inhabitants. God is the supreme Creator. As far as visible physical evidence of the earth’s history can be interpreted, it does seem that the earth has gone through periods of development and change, but not in the way that the evolutionists teach. The whole premise upon which evolution stands is incorrect.

But we do not see any reason why the earth cannot be billions of years old—there is nothing about this theory that militates against Scripture, nor is it out of harmony with God’s plan for the future destiny of the earth. And His promise is sure: “As truly as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord” (Num. 14:21).