Are All Men Made in the Likeness of God?

Question: I understand Genesis 1:26, ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness,’ as an illustration of the purpose of God in bringing to perfection those who will compose the new creation, those who have become formed into the likeness of God mentally and morally, and finally physically. But how do we harmonize … [Read more…]

Did Christ Create the Universe?

Question: After studying your booklet, Trinity Or Unity, I have several questions I would like to get cleared, if you would please. On page 64 you explained Col. 1:15-17 but did not go into much detail. I am still confused and troubled by the apparent meaning of the passage. Paul seems to be stating that … [Read more…]

What Does it Mean: “To Be Made in His Image”?

Question: I have some questions in regard to the article on page 32 under the heading, “The One Man—Changed in Nature,” in your booklet, “God’s Spiritual Creation.” It says in the second paragraph, “Numerous passages of Scripture state that mortal man must be changed before he can be said to be in God’s image,” yet … [Read more…]

Evolution or Creationism?

Question: I receive the Megiddo Message and have enjoyed it very much and appreciate that it is published “for the dissemination of Bible truth alone.” But when I apply this part of your creed to the article, God’s Spiritual Creation, (June 1991), I am greatly troubled. First, you speak of fossil records having made it … [Read more…]

Where Do Angels Come From?

Question: I visited a planetarium recently and I am puzzled by what I “learned.” The astronomers say the stars are whirling balls of different types of gases, in different stages of their life-cycle, and that they have very high surface temperatures in which life as we know it could not possibly exist. If this is … [Read more…]

When Was Creation, If Not 6,000 Years Ago?

Question: I have read in your magazine that you do not believe in “a literal creation 6000 years ago.” I believe there was a literal creation as recorded in Genesis 1, and according to the center references of KJV. It was in 4004 B.C., which would have been almost 6000 years ago. When do you … [Read more…]

Is the Creation Story Allegory or Fact?

Question: I have read in your literature you believe the first chapters of Genesis to be allegorical. This is incorrect thinking. If you have any Biblical proof of Genesis being anything other than an account of creation, please do respond. Answer: Can we look at the billions of galaxies composed of billions of stars, and … [Read more…]

Why is there Life on Earth?

Question: The astronomers seem to assume that life comes about naturally when conditions are just right. They say that is why we have life on earth. What do you think? Answer: It seems impossible that any thinking person could honestly believe life, in all its complex and varied forms, just “happened” or evolved. Scientists themselves … [Read more…]