Blood: The Miracle of Life

Do we ever stop to think about the wonderment of God’s creation and the complexity of the life God has given us—and offer heartfelt thanks to our Creator? We work and eat and sleep with scarcely a thought of the intricate processes that are happening every second in our bodies just to keep us alive! … [Read more…]

Red River of Life (Circulatory System)

Did You Know…? …the heart beats 2 1/2 billion times during a person’s life? …arteries, vessels & capillaries would reach 100 thousand miles if stretched out end to end? …on average, the heart pumps 75 gallons of blood an hour for a lifetime of 70 plus years? …one person’s red blood cells, if stacked, would … [Read more…]

Our Elastic Cloak (Human Skin)

Did You Know…? our skin is the largest and most versatile organ of our body. the skin is an acute sensory organ, constantly reporting current external conditions to the brain, to which the body responds by making internal adjustments. our skin is a large elastic-like garment that stretches as we stretch and moves as we … [Read more…]

Thank God I Can See!

Did You Know That…? every second, the retina in our eye performs billions of computer-like calculations, as it measures distances, intensities, focal lengths, colors and hues, and tones of dark and light on all the objects we see. we are aware of our surroundings because our eyes pick up light rays, and the cones and … [Read more…]

Thank God I Can Hear!

Did You Know…? our brain analyzes the pattern of sound waves picked up by our ears, so that we can know whether we have heard a foghorn or a birdcall. our hearing equipment is so sensitive that our nerves respond to vibrations of the ear membrane no greater than 0.0000001 millimeter in width! we identify … [Read more…]