Who are God’s Children?

Question: In the Megiddo literature the teaching is that not all of us are the children of God. We believe we are. We will always love our child no matter what, and we believe God does the same. God will punish out of love. I would appreciate your comment. –from J. & D. J., Indiana … [Read more…]

Will All Israel Be Saved?

Question: I have been reading Paul’s book, Letters to the Young Churches. Each time I read it new information jumps out and is easier to understand. I do, however, wonder if you would inform me as to one thing. When he says God still has a plan for Israel, is this referring to the people … [Read more…]

Will all who live a Christ-like life (even if they do not accept Him) be rewarded with eternal life?

Question: I want to ask you if I understand your position correctly. I am a subscriber to the Christadelphian Tidings magazine and have read with considerable interest the ‘debate’ between yourself and Mr. Heaster on the subject of the Basis of Salvation. My understanding is that you believe that the work of Jesus Christ consisted … [Read more…]

Is a Place in God’s Kingdom Given or Earned?

Question: In my New International Version of the Bible, Matthew 5:3 reads: “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Then in a footnote is this comment: “…poor in spirit. In contrast to the spiritually proud and self-sufficient, theirs is the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom is not something earned. … [Read more…]

Is the Church the Kingdom of God?

Question: You say you believe in “Jesus Christ… who shall shortly return to be king of the whole earth” and you write of your “devotion to the cause of Christ.” My question: How can you publish, as fact, that Jesus Christ is a yet future king, when Scripture plainly reveals that He is right now, … [Read more…]

Is the Kingdom of God History or Prophecy?

Question: How can you publish as fact that Jesus Christ is a yet future king, when scripture plainly reveals that He is right now, and was in the first century, a king? I would appreciate your comments in light of the texts that follow. (The italicized Scriptures were submitted by the reader, below each is … [Read more…]

Did the Kingdom Come at Pentecost?

Question: Jesus is the king. He taught the disciples of his kingdom and in Acts 1:4 Jesus commanded His disciples to wait for the promise of the kingdom. Then, in Acts 1:6 they impatiently ask him “Lord, will You at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?” According to His response, when Jesus left this … [Read more…]