Why did God allow polygamy?

Answer: In the allegory of Genesis, the pattern was clearly set as one man-one woman. Even in viewing it as the extended comparison of Christ as the “one man” and His church as the “one woman” it is still “wife” in the singular. In Deut. 17:17, God warned against the practice of polygamy among future … [Read more…]

What is your attitude toward divorce?

Question: What is your attitude toward divorce? It seems inconsistent that the book of Deuteronomy allows it. Answer: We forbid divorce because Jesus forbade it. However, you are correct in observing the difference between Jesus’ law and Moses’. The law of Deuteronomy 24:1, that allows a man to divorce his wife with the only restriction … [Read more…]

Did God allow polygamy, to populate the earth?

Question: I’ve enjoyed reading the Jan. Message. However, I feel the article on polygamy was incomplete. Perhaps these points are not pertinent, but don’t you suppose God might have allowed polygamy in order to increase His people and populate the earth? 1) In Genesis 17:2 (NIV) God says to Abraham “…I will confirm my covenant … [Read more…]

Can a divorced person remarry?

Question: Would it be considered a sin in God’s eyes if you were to marry a divorced person if the cause of the divorce was not this person’s fault? Answer: As you are no doubt aware, Jesus gave very definite rules concerning marriage and divorce. He totally disallowed divorce (see Mark 10:11-12). The law of … [Read more…]

Can you divorce on account of fornication?

Question: Why did Jesus say the one exception to His law against divorce was in the case of fornication? I always supposed fornication to be between persons not bound by marriage. Answer: The Bible seems to use the words “adultery” and “fornication” interchangeably. The word translated “fornication” is also translated as “unfaithfulness,” “unchastity,” “loss of … [Read more…]