How Many Apostles Were There?

Question: Why do you say there were just twelve apostles? It seems to me that there were at least fifteen (see Acts 1:25, 14:14; Gal. 1:19). Answer: In Matthew 10 we have the record of Jesus choosing His apostles. It reads: “Now the name of the twelve apostles are these…” (Matt. 10:2). Luke’s parallel account … [Read more…]

What Does it Mean to “Speak in Tongues”?

Question: I cannot find anyone who can satisfactorily explain to me the issue of speaking in tongues. Can you help me understand? Answer: Speaking in tongues, as it was called, was one of the Divine gifts of the Holy Spirit, which the Apostles had following the outpouring on the day of Pentecost. By these gifts … [Read more…]

Why I Don’t Believe

Principal Point of Faith #4: Hell and Purgatory Why I don’t believe in a literal burning hell Can you give several reasons why you do not believe in a literal hell fire that is the punishment of those who do not know God? 1.___________________________________________________________ 2.___________________________________________________________ 3.___________________________________________________________ 4.___________________________________________________________ 5.___________________________________________________________

Terms to Define

Principal Point of Faith #4: Hell and Purgatory Terms to Define Define these terms, and add any other terms you would like to remember, as discussed in this lesson. Term: Definition: hell purgatory Gehenna punishment death

Bible Study Questions

Principal Point of Faith #4: Hell and Purgatory 1. What is Hell? (a) Hell is often believed to be a place of eternal punishment (torment) for the wicked. We do not believe the Bible supports this belief. In other words, hell, as taught in the fundamental churches, does not exist. (b) When we read the … [Read more…]

Apply It!

Principal Point of Faith #3: The Nature of Man Apply It! — about Our Mortal Nature 1. Why do you think God made us mortal? 2. If he had made us with an immortal spirit, what huge problem would He have? 3. If we have an immortal soul, what is the purpose of the resurrection? … [Read more…]