Standing in the Need of Prayer

We live every moment in God’s presence. We breathe His atmosphere, we stand on holy ground as it were—we didn’t make it, we didn’t have anything to do with how it supports us or His creation. We pray with the Psalmist: Psalm 107:8  8Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, … [Read more…]

Don’t Be Partial

We are accustomed to hearing the term “hypocrite” tossed about by accusing atheists. The word comes from Jesus. What was the reality Jesus and the prophets before Him were picturing? People who like to call on God but lack a heart for His laws and precepts. Jesus was quoting Isaiah when He said, Matthew 15:7–9 … [Read more…]

Too Close for Comfort

I saw a little contest in our backyard the other day between a couple little animals that I want to share for the sake of the lesson in it. The contestants were our Sheltie dog, Prisca, and a backyard squirrel. Prisca is relatively small, 20+ lb, but she’s really strong and very lively on her … [Read more…]

Meet the Tates (2)

Have you thought about which of the other TATES you would like to get acquainted with? There are several more, including a few whose faces are very familiar. One is HESI-Tate. We can’t blame this young man for being cautious, because he doesn’t want to make any mistakes. But there is a time to make … [Read more…]

Meet the Tates (1)

Ever hear of them? You surely have, even if you didn’t think of them individually. The Tates represent just about every aspect of human behavior. Actually, they are you and me. Some we want to send away, others we want to keep. When we meet them, we want to be sure to give each one … [Read more…]

Lord, Give Me A Glory

A glory is the shine in our lives, what gives them brightness, a glow and a driving passion. Scripture is FULL of glory! Glory all the way. The glory of holiness, the glory of the world to come, the glory of the righteous. Glory that you understand and know me, says God through Jeremiah. The … [Read more…]

Bad-Temper Doesn’t Make Smiles

There’s a line of logic today that is outside the norm. It says basically that being “bad tempered and pessimistic” helps you earn more, live longer, and enjoy a healthier life. The article comments: “It’s almost enough to put a smile on the sourest faces.” The question: Is it true? Does it work? The answer … [Read more…]

Hidden Hornets REVEALED!

Hornets, wasps, yellow jackets – they are all related, and all BAD. We don’t like to think we are making a home for these creatures. But hornets of various kinds come uninvited, and build elaborate nests for their families, often in obscure, hidden places. Like among the branches of a large tree.  This was the … [Read more…]

Gratitude Is Awesome Humility

Gratitude is all about humility. When it strikes us, we realize we didn’t make ourselves. We don’t support ourselves. We do not go alone through life. It is all about dependence. Bending. This means gratitude and awesome humility. “There but for the grace of God go I” was allegedly said by John Bradford in the … [Read more…]

Beep… beep, beep… beep!

The other day I was in Wegman’s parking lot, and they were busy. Lots of coming and going everywhere. As I started to back up to leave, I was watching very carefully, because there is always the concern of backing into someone or something. Seems that some people think the whole lot is a sidewalk, … [Read more…]