Millennium Superworld TOC

First Edition 1980
Second Edition 1995

Bible Quotes are from the King James Version unless otherwise identified:
NEB-New English Bible
NIV-New International Version
RSV-Revised Standard Version
TLB-The Living Bible
TEV-Today’s English Version
Phillips-The New Testament in Modern English
Moffatt-The Bible, a New Translation

The use of selected references from various versions of the Bible does not necessarily imply publisher endorsement of the versions in their entirety.

Millennium Superworld: Table of Contents

Close your eyes for a moment and picture in your mind a new and perfect world


1. Looking Ahead

  • The Millennium—How Long?
  • The Millennium—From the Bible?

2. Millennial Confusion

3. The Millennium—Where?

4. Moving into the Millennium

5. Who Will Be There?

  • Christ the King
  • The King’s Co-Rulers
  • The Great Multitude
  • How Many in the Great Multitude?
  • How Many of the Populace?
  • An Eternal Inheritance
  • Qualifications of the Populace
  • God’s Plan of Salvation
  • Two Groups Prefigured as Two Seeds
  • The Blessed Populace of the Kingdom

6. Millennial Government

  • Branches of the Government
  • A Superior System
  • Duration and Extent
  • The Metropolis: Jerusalem
  • Welcome the New Administrators

7. Millennial Education

  • The New System of Education
  • Who Will Be the Teachers?
  • New Curriculum
  • Secondary Education
  • What About Student Resistance?
  • A New Approach to Education
  • New Objectives in Education

8. Millennial Life and Health

  • Millennial Health
  • Millennial Life-span
  • Millennial Family Life
  • Millennial Opportunity Unlimited
  • Millennial Beauty

9. Millennial Peace

  • Peace and Safety
  • Millennial Prosperity

10. Let Praises Ring!

  • Millennial Worship

11. Millennial Questionnaire

  • Hail to the Lord’s Anointed

12. The Thousand Years Are Finished

  • The Final Rebellion
  • The Final Destruction
  • The Final Judgment
  • Celebrating Victory

13. Beyond the Millennium

  • The Fountain of Life—Drink!
  • More Water of Life

14. “Behold, A New Earth”

15. How Can I Get There From Here?


  • A. We Saw the Morning Break
  • B. Pre-, Post- & A- Millennialism
What Say the Scriptures?

  • Post-Millennialism vs. Scripture
  • A-Millennialism vs. Scripture
  • Pre-Millennialism v. Scripture