Millennium Superworld TOC


First Edition 1980
Second Edition 1995

Bible Quotes are from the King James Version unless otherwise identified:
NEB-New English Bible
NIV-New International Version
RSV-Revised Standard Version
TLB-The Living Bible
TEV-Today’s English Version
Phillips-The New Testament in Modern English
Moffatt-The Bible, a New Translation

The use of selected references from various versions of the Bible does not necessarily imply publisher endorsement of the versions in their entirety.

Millennium Superworld: Table of Contents

Close your eyes for a moment and picture in your mind a new and perfect world


1. Looking Ahead

2. Millennial Confusion

3. The Millennium—Where?

4. Moving into the Millennium

5. Who Will Be There?

6. Millennial Government

7. Millennial Education

8. Millennial Life and Health

9. Millennial Peace

10. Let Praises Ring!

11. Millennial Questionnaire

12. The Thousand Years Are Finished

13. Beyond the Millennium

14. “Behold, A New Earth”

15. How Can I Get There From Here?