Mysteries of the Monarchs

Did You Know…? …that butterflies are found throughout the world, on every continent except Antarctica. …that there are some 20,000 different species of butterflies. …that butterflies may have a wingspan up to 11 inches. …that butterflies taste through their feet. Then, if they like it, they drink through an elongated tube much like a drinking … [Read more…]

Meet the Amazing Engineers! (Beavers)

They may not use the same materials you would use in a construction project. And they may not have the same tools or equipment, but you will have to work fast to keep ahead of them. In a single night a colony of beavers have been known to build a dam across a stream, effectively … [Read more…]

Living Fossils

Did You Know…? …that the earliest fossils of turtles date from the time of the dinosaurs, but they have changed little over the centuries. … that coelacanth fossils have been found in both freshwater and saltwater deposits. … that turtles live longer than most animals. They often live 50 years in captivity. One is known … [Read more…]

I Love to Sing! (The Dipper Bird)

If you ever need a testimony to our wonderful Creator, call on me—I sing for Him! Every day. Fall, winter, spring, summer, I love to practice my high-pitched melodies: chirp, chirp, trrrrrrrrrrillll…chirp, chirp, trrrrrrrrrrillll… chirp, chirp, trrrrrrrrrrillll! (I’m only being modest when I tell you my Creator gave me a lovely voice.) In fact, on … [Read more…]

I’m An Underwater Wonder! (The Diving Spider)

Argyoneta Aquatica (Diving Spider) You aren’t likely to see much of me, because I spend most of my life under water. Besides, I’m very small, only about 10 mm (less than half an inch). But I think I’m pretty special, thanks to my very wonderful Designer. Let me tell you a little about myself, and … [Read more…]

Hop To It! (Frogs)

Did You Know…? …that all tadpoles develop into frogs, but all frogs do not develop from tadpoles. …that certain frogs swallow their eggs, then allow them to hatch into tadpoles and then mature into tiny frogs—in their mother’s stomachs. …that a frog’s tongue is attached to the front of the mouth so that it can … [Read more…]

The High-Tech Dromedary: Designed for the Desert

Did You Know…? that camels don’t have to drink water as often as other animals or humans because they are designed to conserve water. that camels have been known to go as long as 8 or 10 days without drinking. that the camel’s nostrils have been designed to absorb moisture from the air that is … [Read more…]

God’s Gentle Giants of the Sea (Whales)

Did You Know…? …that a whale can sing yet has no vocal cords? …that some whales strain their food before eating it? …that a baby blue whale gains more than 200 pounds per day? …that the killer whale is harmless to humans? …that the great blue whale is three times larger than the largest known … [Read more…]

Go to the Ant…

Did You Know…? … that ants are one of more than a million insects that have been catalogued and studied. Approximately 5000 species of ants have been identified, and more are being added yearly. … that the population of a single colony of ants may number in the millions—and they are all the offspring of … [Read more…]

Mr. Gecko: Little Lizard, Big Mystery

I’m just a harmless little lizard, between one and six inches long. You surely don’t think I have much to boast about. We are a colorful lot, some of us gray, some green, some orange. But that doesn’t surprise you. I’m talking to you today not to boast about myself but about my Creator. You … [Read more…]