Fuzzy, Friendly, Furry Koala Bear

As night descends on the eastern coast of Australia, a fuzzy form waddles its slow way across the forest floor. A noise is heard, and with surprising agility the creature takes to the trees. Using its sharp claws and strong muscles, it leaps from tree to tree to find that just-right perch. When a low … [Read more…]

“Four Eyes” (Anaplebs Anaplebs)

They look like bubbles on the surface of the water. Looking closer, you see they are actually eyes which float just above the surface of the water. They belong to the anableps, a minnow-sized fish often referred to as “four eyes.” Isn’t that awesome! I’m a minnow—you don’t get much more ordinary than that! But … [Read more…]

Flying Marathoners (The Red Knots)

Did you ever run in a marathon? Did you win? If you did, you thought yourself pretty distinguished, didn’t you? But whether you won or not, the greatest victory was completing it—right? You became a marathoner. Well, we red knots are flying marathoners. How long is the marathon you run? Something like 26 miles? Well, … [Read more…]

An Eel-ectric Wonder

Did You Know…? it wasn’t until 1745 that the first prototype capacitor was built while electricity was being used for defense, navigation and weaponry in prehistoric times? there are over two hundred species of aquatic creatures that use electric signals for self-defense and hunting? the electric eel can discharge up to 1,000 volts of electricity … [Read more…]

The Duck-billed Platypus: Not a Hoax!

I know we are different. But a hoax? Never! I feel we’re an awesome example of our Creator’s genius. The hoax idea started, it seems, when the early settlers of Eastern Australia first discovered us in the late 1700s. When they attempted to send one of our kind to England by way of the Indian … [Read more…]

Consider the Sloth

Did You Know…? …that fossil remains have been found of ground sloths larger than our modern elephant? …that the three-toed sloth has a diet of nothing but leaves? …that sloths do not drink, though their diet is very difficult to digest? …that the stomach of the sloth is always stuffed with leaves? …that 30% of … [Read more…]

Busy, Buzzing Bees

Did You Know…? that a large colony of bees may in a year’s time collect and carry into the hive as much as 1,000 pounds (one half ton) of nectar, water and pollen. that when a bee has discovered a new source of food, she returns loaded with the nectar and pollen, and communicates to … [Read more…]

Brittle Stars (Starfish)

People used to feel sorry for me because I didn’t have eyes. Well, I’ve been seeing all the time—and in all directions at once—thanks to my wonderful Designer! Yes, my half-inch disc-shaped body is literally covered with crystalline lenses that work together like one big eye! Scientists now find that these lenses my Designer crafted … [Read more…]

Against All Odds (Salmon)

Did You Know…? …that all species of Pacific salmon hatch in fresh water, live much of their lives in salt water and then return to fresh water to spawn and die? …that salmon can average 34 miles per day over long distances? …that each female salmon deposits 3,000 to 14,000 eggs in several gravel nests? … [Read more…]