Bad-Temper Doesn’t Make Smiles

There’s a line of logic today that is outside the norm. It says basically that being “bad tempered and pessimistic” helps you earn more, live longer, and enjoy a healthier life. The article comments: “It’s almost enough to put a smile on the sourest faces.” The question: Is it true? Does it work? The answer … [Read more…]

Hidden Hornets REVEALED!

Hornets, wasps, yellow jackets – they are all related, and all BAD. We don’t like to think we are making a home for these creatures. But hornets of various kinds come uninvited, and build elaborate nests for their families, often in obscure, hidden places. Like among the branches of a large tree.  This was the … [Read more…]

Gratitude Is Awesome Humility

Gratitude is all about humility. When it strikes us, we realize we didn’t make ourselves. We don’t support ourselves. We do not go alone through life. It is all about dependence. Bending. This means gratitude and awesome humility. “There but for the grace of God go I” was allegedly said by John Bradford in the … [Read more…]

Beep… beep, beep… beep!

The other day I was in Wegman’s parking lot, and they were busy. Lots of coming and going everywhere. As I started to back up to leave, I was watching very carefully, because there is always the concern of backing into someone or something. Seems that some people think the whole lot is a sidewalk, … [Read more…]

Let’s Go Traveling!

Do you ever dream of traveling—I mean, REAL long distance traveling?How about star to star? This isn’t just dreaming. It is already “real” for quadrillions of angels and it will soon be real for earthborn angels. Angels visited here—think of all the people in Scripture who SAW angels and TALKED with angels. Isn’t it just … [Read more…]

Want a VIRTUAL Dinner?

With the sharp rise in the spread of Covid-19, many people who would usually gather with extended family are staying home. Will they miss the gathering? Of course, but an email from one of the health associations has a suggestion: “Try a virtual dinner.” I can’t imagine that too many are interested in a VIRTUAL … [Read more…]

God Is Teaching Small Children

Whatever our peers may think of us, in God’s view we are as small children, needing to be taught. Even after we have been learning for years, we are still small children in God’s view. It is easy to reply to the questions of a very small child. But take that same mind 20 years … [Read more…]

On Webcam with God—No Hiding

A webcam is a video camera that feeds or streams an image or video in real time to or through a computer to a computer network. It has eyes. It sees! This is effectively what David was realizing as he thought through his relationship with God. As one who had agreed to serve Him, David … [Read more…]

How Is Your Vision?

Eyesight is one thing, vision is another. One must have eyes to be able to see. But just because one has eyes is no proof that he can see. We must have eyes that are capable of seeing, but some see much more than others. At a glance an artist can see defects in a … [Read more…]

No Time To Snooze

A familiar sight? A common everyday piece of equipment. An alarm to wake us up. How strange that the alarm clock should give us the snooze button—permission to sleep again? It is said to have been first noted in 1956. But snoozing goes back centuries. Seems a necessary part of rebooting our minds and bodies. … [Read more…]