“Having Done All to Stand”

The Scriptures abound in military figures, particularly in the writings of St. Paul. Terms like “fight,” “overcome,” “battle,” “contend” occur again and again. Even the gentle apostle John says, 1 John 5:4 4For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith. It is not … [Read more…]

What Sets Your Standard?

Every one who makes a purchase recognizes that standards vary across the board. What makes the product cost more than a similar one? There are many possibilities: the brand, or the product’s design, or the purpose it was made for, or how widely it is known, or the quantity being manufactured. But it also may … [Read more…]

What Shall I Answer?

It is precisely the way we think. It may take a lot of words, and we don’t mean to argue. From our point of view, we’re only explaining why we’re right! But in explaining why we’re right, we’re really SHOWING why we’re not right. Even if we were right in what we said or did, … [Read more…]

Quantity or Quality?

Quantity and quality don’t usually come together. Fruit growers find that a tree will support a quantity of small, poor or very ordinary fruits (like many not-so-choice peaches), but if they are select, large, choice fruits, they will be FEW. Growers will even hand pluck healthy, growing fruit sets from the tree if they think … [Read more…]

Math 101—God’s Way

Math is basic in school, and we use it one way or another, all our lives. Sometimes we think in terms of how the math benefits us. Nothing wrong with that. God’s math is certainly this way. It is all built around the BEST for US. Even God’s highest level of math is all about … [Read more…]

Pull Out the Fire Hoses!

There is a time to ponder, and a time to act—quickly. A story that comes from the Korean war illustrates the time to act. An American destroyer lay at anchor in Wonsan Harbor, Korea. It was a still, moonlight night, and the tide was ebbing. The hour was midnight. The quartermaster was making his routine … [Read more…]

Is It Worth Waiting For?

Waiting is hard. It goes against our nature. We want what we see, and we want it NOW. It is even harder for a young child, who does not yet understand the concept of time. Any waiting seems like an eternity. We are programmed for instant gratification. The sooner the better. The self-control to wait—patiently—in … [Read more…]

Don’t Lie to Yourself

A few years back, we had a neighbor who was suffering from a medical condition which her doctor thought would be helped if she left off chocolates. The lady was a chocolate lover, and found a way around the doctor’s order. She moved her box of chocolates off the table and tucked it behind the … [Read more…]

Watch the Roadsigns

Roadsigns are everywhere. Have you thought about how many may have a message for our lives, a warning, a direction to take or not take? Here are a few, and you see many more. What life lessons can you pick up along the road? Here are a few thoughts. Slow down. Ecclesiastes 5:1  1Walk prudently … [Read more…]

Standing in the Need of Prayer

We live every moment in God’s presence. We breathe His atmosphere, we stand on holy ground as it were—we didn’t make it, we didn’t have anything to do with how it supports us or His creation. We pray with the Psalmist: Psalm 107:8  8Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, … [Read more…]