Want a VIRTUAL Dinner?

With the sharp rise in the spread of Covid-19, many people who would usually gather with extended family are staying home. Will they miss the gathering? Of course, but an email from one of the health associations has a suggestion: “Try a virtual dinner.” I can’t imagine that too many are interested in a VIRTUAL … [Read more…]

God Is Teaching Small Children

Whatever our peers may think of us, in God’s view we are as small children, needing to be taught. Even after we have been learning for years, we are still small children in God’s view. It is easy to reply to the questions of a very small child. But take that same mind 20 years … [Read more…]

On Webcam with God—No Hiding

A webcam is a video camera that feeds or streams an image or video in real time to or through a computer to a computer network. It has eyes. It sees! This is effectively what David was realizing as he thought through his relationship with God. As one who had agreed to serve Him, David … [Read more…]

How Is Your Vision?

Eyesight is one thing, vision is another. One must have eyes to be able to see. But just because one has eyes is no proof that he can see. We must have eyes that are capable of seeing, but some see much more than others. At a glance an artist can see defects in a … [Read more…]

No Time To Snooze

A familiar sight? A common everyday piece of equipment. An alarm to wake us up. How strange that the alarm clock should give us the snooze button—permission to sleep again? It is said to have been first noted in 1956. But snoozing goes back centuries. Seems a necessary part of rebooting our minds and bodies. … [Read more…]

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Memory is a blessing. How many times have we thanked God for the gift of memory? Not that we remember everything we want to, but can we imagine what life would be like if we had no memory, even short term? It is something I had not even begun to appreciate until I was caring … [Read more…]

Shift Out of Neutral

Your vehicle may have the finest of equipment, but if the transmission stands in neutral it will never get you anywhere. Neutral is good for the car wash, or coasting, but if you need to get somewhere you shift out of neutral. The word neutral means “neither one thing or the other; indifferent.” There are … [Read more…]

About Loving the Leash

What dog loves a leash? What colt loves a halter? What calf loves a noose around its nose? None! Of course not. All want to be free. Who loves a mask? Who likes the restrictions we have to follow to keep safe? The answer is the same: none of us love it by nature, yet … [Read more…]

Good Intentions Are Not Enough

A lesson from the beans. Pole beans are very good long term bearers. They start making beans early in the season and keep at it well into the fall. We plant the seeds along the base of racks so that the vines have support as they grow, and the beans are easy to harvest. The … [Read more…]

The “Fuzzy” Search

Never heard of it? I hadn’t either until the last update to our Bible program arrived. Right up front it was highlighted as a great new feature. A Fuzzy search. Of all the useless ideas that people can come up with, I recall thinking to myself. What could be the worth of a fuzzy search? … [Read more…]