The “Word” TRUE

Words communicate meaning. If they don’t they are useless. The “new’ idea that a word is however you want to define it may satisfy an individual but it doesn’t communicate a true thought or idea. A few terms in our language are absolutes. TRUE is one of them. You can change it to mean whatever … [Read more…]

Fully Equipped

magnificent Creator and Designer. People call it evolution? They just don’t want God! They don’t want to think of a power or authority above them! Look at this tiny creature, the Issus Leafhopper. From a human standpoint we would say it is impossible. A tiny creature like this leafhopper, only about a quarter inch long, … [Read more…]

The Night Life Will END

If there is anything I despise, it is a centipede. To go down to the basement in the evening and come upon a centipede—no he doesn’t bother you. He scoots for his life so fast that you can hardly see him go. But he was there enjoying the place, until I entered. A lot goes … [Read more…]

“I Forgot” ☹

How many times during the past week or month have you said, “I forgot”? I found myself saying it just yesterday, after I had put a pot of beets on the stove to boil then left the kitchen to work on this lesson. When I came back to the kitchen and found the mess, my … [Read more…]

“Come Back”

In some areas of our country when you leave a store or a place of business the person who waited on you may say just as you are leaving, “Come back.” It is a courtesy to let a customer know that he or she is welcome to return, and give them more business at a … [Read more…]

A New “Light” Route

Since 1904 when Brother Nichols sold the Megiddo Steamer and located permanently in Rochester, about an acre of land in the middle of the buildings has been committed to a community garden. Across the center of that garden area is a path. Nothing official, but it is the shortest route from one side of our … [Read more…]

Faithful to the End

Military history is filled with tales of heroism and self-sacrifice, but that of Australian Edward “Teddy” Sheean stands out among them. Now, almost 78 years after the then 18-year-old sailor provided cover for his comrades to escape the Japanese planes overhead, Sheean has been awarded the Victoria Cross, the British Commonwealth’s highest honor for military … [Read more…]

Be A Love Slave

Israel had slaves. Slavery sounds like a bad thing, people being bought and sold like chattel? God designed the laws to put limits on slavery so that the treatment of slaves was restricted to what was humane and even considerate. It was not an oppressive slavery if the masters obeyed Israelite law. Critics challenge the … [Read more…]

Let’s Go Traveling!

Where would you like to go? Much traveling has been shut down, but there are still possibilities. What about a trip to Tokyo? Or Honolulu? Or Israel? No interest? Well, I have one to suggest that may pique your interest: how about a trip to a little island in Andromeda? Yes, you heard right: Andromeda. … [Read more…]

You Can’t Hallow Paganism

Where did Halloween come from? Straight out of the dark, dark Medieval ages. What does this picture say? If you don’t want to be contaminated by the paganism, Keep your distance! Do you need visible evidence that there was an Apostasy from true religion, an evil power (the little horn of Daniel’s vision). Look at … [Read more…]