Will There Be a Second Coming?

Question: I have clipped a Question-Answer from our local paper. Your comments would be appreciated. The minister says: “Scripture shows that Jesus was of the lineage of Jechoniah of the house of David. God declared that no one of the lineage of Jechoniah would sit on David’s throne and reign in Judea again (Jeremiah 22:28-30). … [Read more…]

Has God Put Us Here to Suffer?

Question: Why are we here? Has God put us here to suffer?–from a Friend Answer: The ultimate reason for life on earth is not suffering but supreme joy and pleasures. In fact, God Himself has promised that when His plan on earth is complete, everyone will enjoy a utopia, free of all that can harm … [Read more…]

Is Sickness the Result of Personal Failure?

Question: You indicate in some of your literature that there are ‘clear statements that illness and handicaps are the result of personal failure, or the failure of one’s parents or ancestors.’ Could you please explain? Answer: We are not aware of any statements of this nature in our literature. As a church, our emphasis is … [Read more…]