What is “Higher Criticism”?

Question: Would you please tell me something about what is meant by the term “higher criticism”? Thank you. Answer: Biblical criticism divides into two basic groups: lower and higher. Lower criticism, usually called textual criticism, is the study of the original documents behind Scripture in order to determine as closely and as carefully as possible … [Read more…]

Is the Book of Ecclesiastes Reliable?

Question: I have been told that we cannot depend upon Ecclesiastes, because it was written by King Solomon, who turned away from God. Please comment. Answer: Ecclesiastes can be considered King Solomon’s personal memoirs and he did indeed turn away from God. Does this mean we cannot rely upon his words as Scripture? On the … [Read more…]

Why Do You Claim the Inauthenticity of Matt 28:19?

Question: I read in your literature that the Trine Baptismal formula stated by Jesus in Matthew 28:19 may not be authentic text. What is your authority for this statement? Answer: The text in question reads: “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the … [Read more…]

What Do You Mean By “Correctly Understanding” the Bible?

Question: I am concerned about your words “correctly understanding” the Bible. To me the Bible is black and white. The different denominations are irrelevant to me. What our Lord has given us in the Bible is what I know is true. Answer: We admire—and share—your respect for the Bible. We agree completely that the Bible … [Read more…]