Pride: Worthless. Deadly.

We are all born with one type of pride or another. It is part of the “survival package” we receive at birth. We are all different, but if we didn’t have an instinct to justify our existence, the race would soon die out. We need some type of “look at me” instinct to survive. But … [Read more…]

KNOW before You ACCUSE

Don’t accuse falsely. Of course not. But why the concern? If we always speak what is true, why be concerned? The concern is for what we might be doing UN-intentionally. It is easy to ACCUSE before we KNOW. Our goal is high and takes a lot of careful watching to attain. Hear James describe it: … [Read more…]

The BOW without RAIN

We had a beautiful rainbow here the other day, hopefully some of you chanced to see it. This photo was taken by Sister Margaret looking across the garden area. If your monitor is good you can probably see a trace of the second rainbow above it. It was truly a beautiful sight. We had heavy … [Read more…]

How To Grow Your Faith

One of my most valued computer documents is called “HOW TO.” It includes reminders and notes of “HOW TO” do almost anything I have done that is outside the common routine. Don’t you think it would be good right now to add an entry called HOW TO grow faith”? There is nothing we need more … [Read more…]

No Worries!

We are hearing a relatively new kindly courtesy today that is refreshing in a world where language is too often abrupt and vulgar. It is the simple phrase “No Worries.” It usually follows a small blunder of some kind as a simplified version of “it’s all right, forget it.” Or simply, “No problem.” In a … [Read more…]

Easy to PLANT, Hard to PULL!

If you have grown any kind of plants, you realize all plants don’t root or grow alike. Some have deep, spreading, tough roots—like maple trees and weeds like red root and morning glory—while others have very shallow, surface roots. Some make tubers—food reserves that equip the plant to grow and grow and grow. This lesson … [Read more…]

Stay on This Page

We are quite accustomed to the expression of being “on the same page.” It means we have the same understanding, the same purpose. If we are on the “same page,” we are working WITH and not AGAINST each other. But there is another related expression. Perhaps you have come upon it also. You go to … [Read more…]

A Solid Connection to NOWHERE!

Before two computers can exchange any type of data, there has to be a connection. All our networking, live streaming, and online meetings require connectivity. If the connection is lost, there is no communication, and we are sitting in the dark wondering what went wrong and what to do next. The other day our Wi-Fi … [Read more…]

Are You a Dreamer or A Doer?

There is an obvious and important distinction between the two. If we were looking for someone to do a job for us—put in a new sidewalk, or repair our furnace, or put in a new kitchen—we wouldn’t be looking for a dreamer. We would seek out a DOER, someone who would take the job and … [Read more…]

The Promise and the IF

Every PROMISE has an IF, and every IF has a PROMISE. Let me say, what a privilege to be acquainted with those whom I shall associate with and love ETERNALLY in the glorious kingdom of God! It is a statement we endorse…heartily! But one word must be added. Along with the “I shall” is an … [Read more…]