Easy to PLANT, Hard to PULL!

If you have grown any kind of plants, you realize all plants don’t root or grow alike. Some have deep, spreading, tough roots—like maple trees and weeds like red root and morning glory—while others have very shallow, surface roots. Some make tubers—food reserves that equip the plant to grow and grow and grow. This lesson … [Read more…]

Stay on This Page

We are quite accustomed to the expression of being “on the same page.” It means we have the same understanding, the same purpose. If we are on the “same page,” we are working WITH and not AGAINST each other. But there is another related expression. Perhaps you have come upon it also. You go to … [Read more…]

A Solid Connection to NOWHERE!

Before two computers can exchange any type of data, there has to be a connection. All our networking, live streaming, and online meetings require connectivity. If the connection is lost, there is no communication, and we are sitting in the dark wondering what went wrong and what to do next. The other day our Wi-Fi … [Read more…]

Are You a Dreamer or A Doer?

There is an obvious and important distinction between the two. If we were looking for someone to do a job for us—put in a new sidewalk, or repair our furnace, or put in a new kitchen—we wouldn’t be looking for a dreamer. We would seek out a DOER, someone who would take the job and … [Read more…]

The Promise and the IF

Every PROMISE has an IF, and every IF has a PROMISE. Let me say, what a privilege to be acquainted with those whom I shall associate with and love ETERNALLY in the glorious kingdom of God! It is a statement we endorse…heartily! But one word must be added. Along with the “I shall” is an … [Read more…]

Ready for the Risks?

Life is a risk, whatever we choose to do. But when we choose the life of faith and living for God and His coming KINGDOM, there will be risks. They are good risks, because they make us better; but while we are gaining for the life to come, we have to realize there is something … [Read more…]

The Sweet Taste of Horror

Does it look pretty innocent? Don’t be deceived. It’s the Deadly Nightshade plant. So common… we have them growing right in our raspberry patch, we have to keep pulling them out. Because where there is a root, soon there is fruit. The plant has a very shadowy history. The berries taste sweet, but every part … [Read more…]

The Way Less Traveled

Two roads diverged in a wood, and II took the one less traveled by,And that has made all the difference. This bit of verse by Robert Frost probably means more to us than it meant even to its author. “The road less traveled by” – doesn’t that describe the narrow road Jesus pointed out as … [Read more…]

Every One Precious!

I parboil and cook a lot of brown rice, and in transferring the rice from pan to sieve and back to pan, a few grains inevitably fall. Not many, but a few, maybe only two or three. Nothing wrong with them, but once they fall into the sink, their fate is fixed. Who stops to … [Read more…]

Fenced In or Fenced Out?

Nobody really likes restrictions. Nobody really likes to be told what to do. Nobody really likes to have to depart from their chosen way of living. I’m sure animals are much the same. When given the opportunity they will head off without much provocation. What would a youth like better than to be free of … [Read more…]