A Little At A Time

I use a water pic. I’m not trying to sell you on a water pic, but I find it very useful in maintaining clean teeth, which I am seriously committed to because I don’t want to lose my teeth. A waterpik can get where a toothbrush and floss and proxy brushes and go betweens can’t … [Read more…]

Oh That Toothy Tongue!

You may have found snail shells in your garden beside a dead vine or bush, whatever the snail fancied to feed on. Sometimes you will even see them high up on a plant, fastened tightly to what they were devouring. How can they do it? Because snails have teeth. Thousands of them! The snail’s teeth … [Read more…]

Remember Uzzah

We are grateful that God doesn’t give us what we “deserve” as we go through life. What did Ezra say, and this was at the end of the Captivity? Ezra 9:13 13After all that has come upon us for our evil deeds and for our great guilt, since You our God have punished us less … [Read more…]

Beauty, Beauty Everywhere

God has filled our world with beauty. The other day a couple of our sisters drove about 50 miles south of Rochester to be refreshed with the beauty of God’s handiwork, now so changed from the summer view. Where is that pigment hiding all summer long, just waiting for the cooler touch of fall to … [Read more…]

The Older the Faster

“Time goes faster when you get older.” I heard it again and again through my younger years, and took it like younger ones take a lot of things the older ones say (until they get there). Brother Flowerday put another dimension on this saying when he added, “It is a blessing that it does.” I … [Read more…]

Stay Out of the Rapids!

Sometimes beauty and danger come together. River rapids are dangerous—especially when they are above a waterfall like Niagara. Post danger signs like “Keep Out” or “Danger Zone” or WARNING! or “No Water Entry,”  “Restricted Area – Boating Prohibited”  “Danger: Keep Out” But people will still do it. Even at the peril of their lives. Niagara … [Read more…]

Father, in the Morning

There is something precious about a new day. A new start. A new beginning. God was good when He factored new beginnings into our life plan. What would life be like if it were a continuous, uninterrupted stream? We weren’t made to take it. We need the break, the refreshing, the reviving that comes with … [Read more…]

Foolish or WISE?

We have all observed the often light, frivolous, senseless nature of so much talk. Doesn’t the Preacher say it? Ecclesiastes 5:3  3…a fool’s voice is known by his many words. Strange how people thrive on lightness. What makes the appeal? It surely isn’t the value. Is it the flavor? No matter, the Word says, Ecclesiastes … [Read more…]

How Old Is Methusaleh?

In our modern world of physicists and astrophysists, mathematicians and countless research analysts, what do the scientists really KNOW beyond what they observe? This particular discussion is about the age of Methusaleh. No, not the one in the Bible that lived to 969. This is about a star that has been discovered that is – … [Read more…]

KEEP It Clean!

There’s a story of a man who visited a school. As he was leaving, he promised to come back sometime, and when he did he would have a prize for the student who had the cleanest desk. After he had gone, a little girl who was noted for her cluttered desk announced that she was … [Read more…]