Lying with our Ears? – Part 2

Today we have a few more points on Lying with our ears. Another term for it might be “selective hearing,” hearing what we WANT to hear. Just to review the points we have had: 1- We lie with our ears when we hear what we WANTED or expected someone to say, and not what they … [Read more…]

Lying with our Ears?

You’ve heard of the “he said she said” go-round. What REALLY DID he or she say? Hard to know, because someone was hearing what he or she WANTED or EXPECTED to hear. In reality they heard their own thoughts, not what was really said. The words were interpreted—or MIS-interpreted—in the process of hearing. Someone was … [Read more…]

Thank God for Iron Shoes

They would be heavy to wear, and difficult to walk in. And if you need to run? Impossible. But there is a promise coupled with the shoes. Hear the promise: Deuteronomy 33:25 25Thy shoes shall be iron and brass; And as thy days, so shall thy strength be. What does it mean? On the surface … [Read more…]

Royal Resolutions

Resolutions are common. Just about everybody makes them, breaks them, and makes them again. But what about ROYAL resolutions? Royalty has long been regarded with honor. There is a special “something” around royalty. Even today, royal has standards that common people never think about. In Israel God chose David to carry on the royal line. … [Read more…]

“… And He Died”—and THEN?

“… And He Died”—and THEN? “…And he died.” What a dismal topic! Read one of the early genealogies in Scripture, and it jumps out at you line after line. It is the signature on every life: “…and he died. Whoever he was, whatever he did, he lived and “begat sons and daughters,…and he died.” There … [Read more…]

Our Ordered Lives

In the midst of the present turmoil and distress, do you dream about an “ordered life”? Is it still an option for the Christian believer? It IS! Absolutely. Now as much as—or more than—ever. What is an ordered life? What makes the “order”? It is the spirit of the heart under the control of God’s … [Read more…]

God’s Forever Stamps

The US postage Forever Stamp was introduced in 2007. Its purpose was to serve as the required postage for any standard 1 oz letter, now or any time in the future. The year it was printed does not affect the value of the stamp. Whenever it was purchased, it can be used “forever.” By changing … [Read more…]

I’m Going THROUGH!

God works by covenant. What good is the Kingdom without PEOPLE to inhabit it? The project needs workers who will commit to it. He says, IF you do this, THEN I’ll do that. To those who are attracted by the offer He says, Come and work, and whatever is right, I will pay you. Here … [Read more…]

Did You Say YES or NO?

Very likely, if you made a decision you said both. Because when you said YES to one alternative, you said NO to another. The two words are hard to separate. Those who want to keep everything positive have a nearly impossible “want.” This isn’t to deny the positive. It always feels good to affirm and … [Read more…]

Open Door Closed

We have all seen open doors close. Opportunity ended. The tale of “Too little and too late.” The saying of the German, “Too soon oldt and too late smardt.” Matthew 25 records the parable of 10 bridesmaids awaiting the imminent return of the Bridegroom. Five were wise and well prepared for his arrival. Even if … [Read more…]