It’s OLAM Life!

How many times we say when we come to an unideal situation, something we may not like but cannot change, “It’s life.” We say it with a tone of resignation, almost acceptance. It isn’t just as we would like it, but—“it’s life.” And thank God for life! When Scripture talks about life, often it is … [Read more…]


It’s the response our cell phone often asks for when it gives us some new information, or adds a feature, or installs an update. The purpose is to save us time and effort by showing HOW it works. Then comes the pop-up box that asks, “GOT IT?” When we touch “GOT IT!” we are saying1)       … [Read more…]

When The Devils Tremble

Have you ever puzzled over this verse in the book of James? I have. Stranger still, it follows James’ statement about faith needing works. Let us read it from the New English Bible. James makes a practical illustration. James 2:14–17 (NEB) 14My brothers, what use is it for a man to say he has faith … [Read more…]

God Isn’t 911

To many people, God is a 911 call. Emergencies only. Last resort when all else fails. God does promise protection in a time of storm, but turning to God only in dire distress is both ignoble and unsafe. We saw it at the time of 9-11. There was an immediate call on God, a glimmer … [Read more…]

God’s Sure “IF/THEN”

Is the IF/THEN principle a complex, advanced concept? It is one of the earliest we master, even before we are aware. The newborn learns quickly that certain behaviors bring certain responses. IF I want attention, I engage my vocal chords and my lungs, and THEN–I get what I want! The IF/THEN concept is the basis … [Read more…]

Because They Didn’t Think!

The children had a song years ago that had a very serious lesson. I couldn’t locate the record of the singing, but here is the poem from the web, narrated by one who truly understood the lesson. It is not something being taught in our culture today, but it is a lesson we can all … [Read more…]

I Am Coming… Suddenly

We speak of it so often, but let us refresh it again. Jesus’ arrival will be SUDDEN. One moment ordinary. The next moment: never ordinary again! Jesus would have us constantly mindful of the fact that our primary dealings are with God, from whom we come, and to whom we are accountable. Think how Jesus … [Read more…]

“I Am Not A Robot”

Ever think of yourself as a historian? Yes, you are writing history every day. You are the author, and your decisions are the chapters. Every choice is another page. Decisions, decisions. This is God’s plan from the beginning, that we be free moral agents, responsible for our destiny. God gives us the tools, and we … [Read more…]

When You Can’t See The Progress Bar

Most of us can relate to watching the progress bar on a computer monitor, and wondering if it would ever get to the end. Was it even moving? Then maybe we wondered, how accurate is it? Is this a picture of the real time it is going to take? But whether or not it is … [Read more…]

Why So Hard-hearted?

People who are hard, unfeeling, and without pity distress us. It describes the rioters and demonstrators bent on being destructive and violent, who cause needless and pointless turmoil and distress. Why? How can they do it? It is nothing new. Call it the fruit of stubbornness? It can have a high price tag, and a … [Read more…]