Because They Didn’t Think!

The children had a song years ago that had a very serious lesson. I couldn’t locate the record of the singing, but here is the poem from the web, narrated by one who truly understood the lesson. It is not something being taught in our culture today, but it is a lesson we can all … [Read more…]

I Am Coming… Suddenly

We speak of it so often, but let us refresh it again. Jesus’ arrival will be SUDDEN. One moment ordinary. The next moment: never ordinary again! Jesus would have us constantly mindful of the fact that our primary dealings are with God, from whom we come, and to whom we are accountable. Think how Jesus … [Read more…]

“I Am Not A Robot”

Ever think of yourself as a historian? Yes, you are writing history every day. You are the author, and your decisions are the chapters. Every choice is another page. Decisions, decisions. This is God’s plan from the beginning, that we be free moral agents, responsible for our destiny. God gives us the tools, and we … [Read more…]

When You Can’t See The Progress Bar

Most of us can relate to watching the progress bar on a computer monitor, and wondering if it would ever get to the end. Was it even moving? Then maybe we wondered, how accurate is it? Is this a picture of the real time it is going to take? But whether or not it is … [Read more…]

Why So Hard-hearted?

People who are hard, unfeeling, and without pity distress us. It describes the rioters and demonstrators bent on being destructive and violent, who cause needless and pointless turmoil and distress. Why? How can they do it? It is nothing new. Call it the fruit of stubbornness? It can have a high price tag, and a … [Read more…]

The Making of A Masterpiece

Take an artist’s palette, a brush, paint of various hues, a bit of water, and a canvas. Now add the artist, along with an almost infinite amount of time and patience. And watch, as the artist carefully dips the brush, first in one color, then in another, and touches lightly the piece of canvas. Then … [Read more…]

God’s “Show and Tell”

Before the invention and popularizing of video, there was “Show and Tell.” Not great perhaps, but better for teaching than flannel-graphs, chalk boards and pin-up boards. You put the company’s disk into their player device, and still pictures would “show” on the mini-screen and a voice would speak about the picture. Not exciting to “now” … [Read more…]

Almost Is Not Enough

There is something sad about ALMOST. The student who ALMOST passed. And failed. The children that were ALMOST rescued. And died. The plane that ALMOST made it to safety. And crashed. Scripture has the story repeated time and again to warn us that ALMOST is not enough. Romans 15:4  4For whatever things were written before … [Read more…]

I Did It—MY Way

In today’s culture, individuality is the glory of the high achievers. But when we go to the Scriptures, we find that God’s ways are not man’s. In God’s view, “I did it MY way” describes the down side of any life. The sure way to fail. It was the signature song of actor and singer … [Read more…]

How So Casual?

The other day I happened to see a brief note on my cellphone with this title: How Are People So Casual About Covid-19? The writer had the answer: because they haven’t had any close experience. He had a cherished friend of three decades who picked up the virus, went into the hospital, and died. That … [Read more…]