The Making of A Masterpiece

Take an artist’s palette, a brush, paint of various hues, a bit of water, and a canvas. Now add the artist, along with an almost infinite amount of time and patience. And watch, as the artist carefully dips the brush, first in one color, then in another, and touches lightly the piece of canvas. Then … [Read more…]

God’s “Show and Tell”

Before the invention and popularizing of video, there was “Show and Tell.” Not great perhaps, but better for teaching than flannel-graphs, chalk boards and pin-up boards. You put the company’s disk into their player device, and still pictures would “show” on the mini-screen and a voice would speak about the picture. Not exciting to “now” … [Read more…]

Almost Is Not Enough

There is something sad about ALMOST. The student who ALMOST passed. And failed. The children that were ALMOST rescued. And died. The plane that ALMOST made it to safety. And crashed. Scripture has the story repeated time and again to warn us that ALMOST is not enough. Romans 15:4  4For whatever things were written before … [Read more…]

I Did It—MY Way

In today’s culture, individuality is the glory of the high achievers. But when we go to the Scriptures, we find that God’s ways are not man’s. In God’s view, “I did it MY way” describes the down side of any life. The sure way to fail. It was the signature song of actor and singer … [Read more…]

How So Casual?

The other day I happened to see a brief note on my cellphone with this title: How Are People So Casual About Covid-19? The writer had the answer: because they haven’t had any close experience. He had a cherished friend of three decades who picked up the virus, went into the hospital, and died. That … [Read more…]

Lying with our Ears? – Part 2

Today we have a few more points on Lying with our ears. Another term for it might be “selective hearing,” hearing what we WANT to hear. Just to review the points we have had: 1- We lie with our ears when we hear what we WANTED or expected someone to say, and not what they … [Read more…]

Lying with our Ears?

You’ve heard of the “he said she said” go-round. What REALLY DID he or she say? Hard to know, because someone was hearing what he or she WANTED or EXPECTED to hear. In reality they heard their own thoughts, not what was really said. The words were interpreted—or MIS-interpreted—in the process of hearing. Someone was … [Read more…]

Thank God for Iron Shoes

They would be heavy to wear, and difficult to walk in. And if you need to run? Impossible. But there is a promise coupled with the shoes. Hear the promise: Deuteronomy 33:25 25Thy shoes shall be iron and brass; And as thy days, so shall thy strength be. What does it mean? On the surface … [Read more…]

Royal Resolutions

Resolutions are common. Just about everybody makes them, breaks them, and makes them again. But what about ROYAL resolutions? Royalty has long been regarded with honor. There is a special “something” around royalty. Even today, royal has standards that common people never think about. In Israel God chose David to carry on the royal line. … [Read more…]

“… And He Died”—and THEN?

“… And He Died”—and THEN? “…And he died.” What a dismal topic! Read one of the early genealogies in Scripture, and it jumps out at you line after line. It is the signature on every life: “…and he died. Whoever he was, whatever he did, he lived and “begat sons and daughters,…and he died.” There … [Read more…]