It’s OLAM Life!

How many times we say when we come to an unideal situation, something we may not like but cannot change, “It’s life.” We say it with a tone of resignation, almost acceptance. It isn’t just as we would like it, but—“it’s life.” And thank God for life! When Scripture talks about life, often it is … [Read more…]


It’s the response our cell phone often asks for when it gives us some new information, or adds a feature, or installs an update. The purpose is to save us time and effort by showing HOW it works. Then comes the pop-up box that asks, “GOT IT?” When we touch “GOT IT!” we are saying1)       … [Read more…]

When The Devils Tremble

Have you ever puzzled over this verse in the book of James? I have. Stranger still, it follows James’ statement about faith needing works. Let us read it from the New English Bible. James makes a practical illustration. James 2:14–17 (NEB) 14My brothers, what use is it for a man to say he has faith … [Read more…]

God Isn’t 911

To many people, God is a 911 call. Emergencies only. Last resort when all else fails. God does promise protection in a time of storm, but turning to God only in dire distress is both ignoble and unsafe. We saw it at the time of 9-11. There was an immediate call on God, a glimmer … [Read more…]

God’s Sure “IF/THEN”

Is the IF/THEN principle a complex, advanced concept? It is one of the earliest we master, even before we are aware. The newborn learns quickly that certain behaviors bring certain responses. IF I want attention, I engage my vocal chords and my lungs, and THEN–I get what I want! The IF/THEN concept is the basis … [Read more…]